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Civil Code

The procedure for registration of an individual entrepreneur is extremely simple. He pays the registration fee of $ 4 mci, fill out an application for registration, submit an identity document, a photo, a certificate of the taxpayer (TRN), a certificate of assignment of sic. May also be required to provide a document confirming their place of residence and place of business. Individual entrepreneurs do not have any founding documents. The only document that confirms his status as a state registration certificate.

Registration is made in one body – the local tax committee. 4. Cost of registering as an individual entrepreneur – is minimal. If you want to become self-employed, without recourse to specialized legal organizations, as already mentioned, pay only the registration fee of $ 4 mci. After the state registration as a individual entrepreneur you need to pay the manufacturer of seals and stamps, if you want them to have that in most cases it is not necessary (1000 m.). If you intend to open a bank account, then you have to pay for services for notarization of signature samples in the bank card (87 tenge per card, up to 4 cards), as well as for opening an account if you have chosen a bank, this procedure is paid (in most Banks are now opening an account is free, some – up to 3500 m.). Individual entrepreneur. Minus: 1. One of these “cons” is the fact that the obligations associated with entrepreneurial activities, an individual entrepreneur shall be liable on general grounds, ie all property belonging to him (Article 20 of the Civil Code of RK).