The average Web author evaluates your work in 5 – 10 dollars per 1000 characters. Mean resources, pay for more expensive materials – within 12 – $ 20. The main task is how to find the author's ability to write quality material and resources, ready to buy it. And then – a trick. At freelance sites to find the author's competence in a subject that interests you (or rather who are interested in the site on which you plan to deliver content). On the level of awareness and professionalism of each individual author can be judged by his personal portfolio.

It is therefore important to see the details already published works copywriter. Please note, on which a resource published an article, what is his attendance and comments to the material, the number of reads, the assessment of work … The scheme of cooperation could be next. Interested in the author sends you the topic and plan for future publication, as well as 1 / 2 – 1 / 3 of the text. After reading it you want to check the amount of such information on the Internet and its relevance. If the theme of Your opinion is promising – Ask Do this theme edition of the site on which you plan to publish the material. In the case of approval, disburse 1 / 3 – 1 / 4 the cost of the material, get the text entirely.

Send an article to the editorial, if all goes well – it will pay you – if not, send the author for revision. Here are brief and the whole scheme work. Over time, your number of full-time employees will inevitably expand. Amount of resources, ready to cooperate with you and interested in the content – too. Topics can be found a few, such as IT, medicine, investment … In addition, we can cooperate not only with Online publications and periodicals in print, that is, the prospects are very attractive and gentlemen, the Internet business in this regard is very wrong … But it's a topic for a later publication. Total favorable to you! From my own experience I can say that this business is completely viable and profitable.