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Court Without Lawyer

The media has recently created the illusion that the current level of legal education of citizens in many ways helps to solve many disputes in the courts themselves. Especially the sin that tv. Specialized theatrical shows convince citizens that the most complicated case in court can easily be resolved within an hour. Enough to be a little actor, emotionally yell to the other side and justice, miraculously prevail. Delusion is a very dangerous and very common. Contrary to the reality of a huge number of people believe that the law is not a big deal. Very often after watching tv citizen goes to court, says there is everything except the merits, wrote in the complaint do something stupid, loses, and then resents injustice system. Such behavior can be compared only with self-removal of his appendix, complications after the operation barbaric and subsequent complaints to the health care system.

Additionally, sales got a lot of popular literature, in simplified form, telling about "how to go to court without a lawyer," "how to make yourself a suit" and the like. Judging by the number of such publications, demand they use. Meanwhile, the modern judicial process more complicated, the legislation is growing, require more written documents. Moreover, only one well-written statement of claim, as a rule, does not save. Whatever it was, the court with us adversarial, and there may be any surprises. Without competent advice, this time a lawyer about how to behave, even initially win-win business, you can easily lose.

Any lawyer in support of these lines may cause a lot of examples. In order to properly orient the process as time and need the assistance of counsel. Of course, legal services will have to pay. But first, these expenses are fully or partially can be recover from the defendant. And, secondly, there must assess the risks. If it is a serious sum, it would be better? Risk losing it completely, or to invest some money to have just return the lost? Then everyone decides himself. Finally, what is "properly drawn up" a claim? If the case is complex, working on such a statement can take weeks. And the cost of such a document would be very expensive. There are cases where the statement of claim tactically advantageous not to disclose all the arguments. You must first enable the other party to state its position and to submit documents. Thereby eliminating the possibility of the corrections. Conclusion from all above can be only one: let's trust the professionals