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Advertising Bells Via Bluetooth

The publicity now via bluetooth. The publicity is a form to spread to information on the benefits of a certain product or service. In these years we have seen many ways to realise advertising campaigns by television, radio, even presses publicity via SMS. Now there is another form to realise publicity and is by means of a method very known nowadays, the Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless connection very extended, that makes possible the information or data transmission between different devices, like for example the moving bodies. Since the majority of the moving bodies takes built-in to the system bluetooth, other means of publicity are had to consider a series advantages in front: – First of them it is that for the creation of the campaigns a small device is only necessary that takes incorporated software. – Software for the creation of the publicity is very simple to use. – Also it is necessary to consider that the connections between the different devices are gratuitous, therefore is no extra cost in the diffusion of the publicity.

– With respect to the connection between different means she is fast and of easy establishment, – The cost of the device and any maintenance are quite reasonable for the different companies and businesses. – A high percentage of acceptance of the campaigns is guaranteed. – In addition software takes including a system of information of statistics in order to control the diffusion of each realised campaign. Regarding the above previously the accomplishment of advertising or informative campaigns via bluetooth for different companies or businesses is advisable, for being a good method of communication and information dissemination. If you consider that these interested in proving the product you can solicit software of evaluation to the company supplier of the Bluetooth Service. MENSAMATIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. company supplier of services SMS, BLUETOOTH and other services of telecommunications. Original author and source of the article