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The Delivery

Once asked to call the operator (About the fact that the call charge, naturally do not speak) in order to clarify how to collect a prize, once asked something else, and often just say that it is necessary for a number to send a message pay a fixed cost for In order to pay for the delivery of the prize. Not so important, that person promises to be much more important that he believes it. The main enemy of every man is his curiosity – call someone and throws – there and then have to call back when walking smska mysterious stranger with a number – must be answered, but if somewhere you can get something, then here and say do not. Just you immediately patched for curiosity, and, more specifically, pay for it through appropriate tariffs to put it mildly, far from being discounted. Also resourceful people send messages that tell you about what kind of Vasya could not reach you and it would be necessary to the number from which the message arrived, the money put – bit, only to five to ten minutes of conversation sufficed. The idea is as old as the world – surely someone is familiar Vasey, and someone else, and so familiar, to give them money. People finishing off what is behind this may be followed smska another, more insistent, as Vasey supposedly really need to talk to you.

Especially here our Russian girls resourceful, which zavedut yourself a whole bunch of friends guys and then ask everyone to recharge their account. Like trifle, but a man with a ten is even nothing happen. Two or three times a month to do so and payment of mobile communication can be forgotten. True to those who read the above immediately decides to do so I'll say one thing – not worth it. After all, will then – The amount necessary to return several times more, it provided that a person does not want to fight, and that in fact some of them just do nothing but wait for a pretext for a fight. Can still come and ask a passerby to call. Do not worry, it does not run away with your phone. It will simply make a call to a paid room and everything.

And on a number such that once something you did not understand what was happening. Now that communication services can be paid anywhere, there is another way of cheating – you come (Note that if you put money in the cabin connection to the wrong room to bring them back no problem, but with the devices will not get – how many times have not tried to call for interest at the numbers that are specified on the check up but have never have) a certain amount of money (as an option, it may not come). After that you call and start to brainwash on the fact that out and the money should be returned. Such as putting on a specified number of the same amount. Often these people standing at the machines and cash registers and on guard of those who puts money into a few rooms as you can immediately call the owner of rooms and, as I said, to explain that the error went away. There are many more interesting examples of how people cheat using mobile phones, but that's what I tell you another time. In the meantime, you have to remember at least this is how all of the above – is the basis there are no problems with balance.