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Organizational Behavior

The management has a good tool that lets you determine the reality of the operation, achievements of the Company, as administrative audit. Thanks to their applicability can get beneficial information that will allow efficient management. Alexis Garcia Gilbert reminds us that the administrative audit is a systematic review and evaluative of a body or part thereof, to be carried out in order to determine whether the organization is operating efficiently. Constitutes a search to locate the problems of efficiency within the organization. The administrative audit includes a review of the objectives, plans and programs of the company, its organizational structure and functions, its systems, procedures and controls, personnel and facilities of the company and the environment in which it develops, according to the operating efficiency and cost savings. The administrative audit can be conducted by the graduate in business administration and other qualified professionals, including the counter trained in public administrative disciplines or supported by other specialists. The result of the administrative audit is an opinion on the administrative efficiency of the whole company or part of it. The main problems that occur in an Administrative Audit are: Issues of Resistance: These problems occur when the Auditor meets with executives reluctant to accept the suggestions given to improve their performances, mainly by virtue of an opposition all change. This is what many scholars of the Science of Organizational Behavior called "Resistance to Change." It is very likely that in the course of an administrative audit are difficulties due to fear, distrust and reluctance to change.