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The Theory

In the center of Juazeiro he is well-known that the infrastructure is well better of what in the peripheral areas of the city. The fact of this area to receive great flow from people daily demands that its infrastructure is adjusted to support and to satisfy its visitors. Already in the peripheral areas of the city little investments had been noticed. The Theory of the Central Place, developed for CHRISTLLER (1933), is based on the beginning of the centralidade, being the space organized around main an urban nucleus, called central place. The complementary region, or entorno, possesss a relation of co-dependence with the main nucleus, for this being the place that offers urban goods and services by its very nature. The base of the theory defines that the rhythm of growth of an urban nucleus depends on the level of demand for urban services specialized on the area taken care of for the places central offices. A time that in the center (central place) of Juazeiro is disponibilizado great number of services of more varied, that is the function of an urban nucleus: to act as center of services, thus supplying to goods and services central offices, that if characterize for being of differentiated orders, generating a hierarchy of urban centers.

The visible contrast enters the cities of Juazeiro and Petrolina results of the fact of that existed there, this at the necessary moment, a decisive governmental intervention, and the municipal action in Petrolina if made more of organized and rationalized form. Juazeiro is a much more old city that Petrolina, where the urban life if made of a more spontaneous form, the configuration of the proper urban center of Juazeiro of the evidences of that the process was more natural. Then if they find sufficiently narrow streets in the center, differently of what it is perceived in Petrolina. a great differential of Petrolina, was this urban planning, inside of a project of modern city, that in the case of Juazeiro was not thus. From what it was studied for the accomplishment of this work perceives that the city of Juazeiro disclosed one varied RIO DE JANEIRO: Record, 2006; CORRA, R.L.