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Retailers. Emptying of information of inside of its business can cost expensive to the internal planejamentos of the company. World-wide known, the Wikileaks, site headquartered in Sweden, have published for opened access, diverse confidential documents in the which outflow information of companies or countries. In the day the day of work the existence of ' ' LEAKS' ' inside of the companies, they are real facts, the emptying of improper information is constant. How much it is said that the information not only leaked was for loss of internal document, but of said and repeated words.

Let us see two examples: 1 – An entrepreneur or manager goes to excuse a collaborator, to receiving this collaborator in the room, says: The company is passing for difficulty, the sales had fallen, is lowering expenditures, enters as much other information that are said there. 2 – An entrepreneur or manager does not want to effect definitive purchase, to receiving the supplier in the room, says: The sales are few, this week are weak, not vendi nothing of this product, my supply you full, it enters as much other information that are said there. When the communication is made of this form, the emptying of information existed, worse that this, false information that denigre the image of the proper company. the former-collaborator for the market comments: She leaves why the company seems that she goes to close, the business is bad, not vende more almost nothing, is cutting everything for there the supplier for other suppliers comments: It is knowing d? that company? Care when vender pra it, does not have customer, all week is weak, until perhaps cannot eliminates fulfill it of the heading Leaks means ' ' vazamento' '. The continuation of the emptying of false information of its business will be able to take its company to the failure. They think about this. (Jnior Faj, Consultoria & Lecture,)