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Upper Limit For 0900 Service Numbers Rate Dropped

TKG-act as amended: new maximum amount for 0900 service number into force introduces the Berlin telco in accordance with current change of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) article 21, paragraph 2 item 7.b, the change in setting the price limits for 0900 numbers of service on With the amendment of the TKG, this change is intended since January 1, 2008. New maximum price envisages service number from 30 euros to now 10 euros per call lowering the current limit for a conversation to a 0900 0900 service numbers calls the TKG change. So was the price ceiling for the 0900 service number to reduce two-thirds and is open to the caller with 10 euro per conversation. Companies and service providers that use an 0900 service number in, can now adjust by changing the rating of their charges. This is however an own 0900 Service number ahead, which is to apply to the Federal Network Agency under. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon Communications, another great source of information. The operation and use of the own 0900 number is then made by and ensured.

“Convenient management of own 0900 service number the Berlin company offers its own 0900-Servienummern, Servicenummer4you customers easily accessible via the call statistics tool ServiceTool4You” can manage. Here can retrieve call statistics in real time, set up independent call forwarding or call further circuits, but added up to 10 new service numbers or other services enabled. DAU of popular fax-to-mail service from Servicenummer4you, which allows customers to use a service number as destination for incoming faxes. Faxes are forwarded to email itself to be determined easily, thereby available thereby at any time and at any place. The ServiceTool4You”by Servicenummer4you helps to avoid cancellations by 0900 service numbers for caller, the Call charges about 300 euro cause, are automatically blocked. On the Web page to companies more information and tips on using an 0900 service number can be found. Press contact: a trademark of TC 30 phone service GmbH.