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Making The Approach To New Segment On Easy Endeavor

Profit of mobile broadband is 50prozent below cost of production as leading analysts predict, 7 billion global mobile connections will be surpassed in 2012, 52% of these connections will be in the APAC region. Due to this growth, CSPs face huge challenges regarding network costs and the needs for profitable business models for all verticals. Many operators are experiencing that the price they are selling mobile broadband for is approximately 50% below the price it is costing them to produce that volume of mobile data. Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers solutions that enable beneficial handling of traffic volume and new service considerations. Addressing new segment is fundamentally the key for operator to deal with tiered – pricing data volume is real time rating, charging and especially policy management. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ron O’Hanley. Operators are able to address new segment more individually while keeping customers loyal at the same time.

ORGA Systems’ real time solutions can define and enforce policy rules to both network and service delivery platforms based on customer-defined service usage limits, service agreement definition and network considerations. Real time policy control helps operators to gain management over their subscribers and network dynamic and intelligent. Different industries same requirements driven by innovation, ORGA Systems has extended its solution portfolio to leverage its vast competence and real time expertise it has gained in the telco environment to develop new markets in the field of sister industries, e.g. finance and utilities. The new offer to market is supported by ORGA Systems’ tailored consulting and support portfolio, designed for living in a connected world. The latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, lowest rating and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. * Meet Orga systems at the broadband traffic management Asia 2011 on Sept 5th and at the LTE from Sept. 6th 7th at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing. ORGA Systems’ convergent real time charging and billing portfolio enables profitable business for telecommunication companies, mobile finance institutions and energy suppliers. Orga Systems’ products and consulting services are designed for living in a connected world: lowest rating latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. Worldwide 40 + customers, serving 350 + M subscribers, rely on Orga systems and achieve competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams. Please visit orga-systems.com for further information. ORGA Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Yasmin Yaqub Marketing Manager PR & press orga-systems.com

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Mobile Contract With Cash – Savings Potential Available?

Both en consumers phones with premiums are highly sought after. Worth the purchase at all or is it just a trick of the company? Who does at the present time on the search for a new contract for the mobile phone, has mostly the choice of many different allowances. The most common model is the conclusion of a new contract in combination with the receipt of a new smart phones or mobile phones. However, providers have developed new models in recent years to persuade the customer to complete. A relatively new variant is the cash with completion – makes them for the customers of sense and is really profitable? A mobile with cash settlement contract a contract with cash can be worthwhile for customers in many cases. The principle is quite easy: transferred several weeks after the conclusion of the new agreement, the customer receives a pre-defined amount on its own account. This will not be charged, but the customer is actually fully available. To know whether or not the Savings really has paid off, should you however compare the cost of the contract and the various totals in each case.

At mobile discount store on the Internet, one has, for example, the opportunity to learn about other offers and tariffs in this area and so quickly and easily perform a comparison, which offers are really preferred at the end. The cash makes sense especially if one plans, for example, the purchase of a new mobile phone, which is not provided by the new contract provider available. Who still want to get the desire mobile phone or Smartphone, can use the money from the cash and so quickly and easily to the new device. The real potential for savings is important in concluding However, in any case. The different fares directly compare the savings results from the total cost of a full fare. This be reckoned together the monthly contributions for the duration of the contract and then the various discounts or withdraw benefits. With the cash, this would be the sum of the premium and a plan with mobile the value of mobile phones, if you would like to buy it in the shop. Who makes this operation, is to determine quickly whether it actually would be the offer a bargain or another variant for the buyer is worth more. You should always keep in mind, that nothing is given to the customer. “Mobile phone contracts with cash can a lucrative opportunity at the conclusion of the contract, nevertheless you should be wary of the actions and not inconsiderate any quick fixes” practice. Katrin deer

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