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Two Ramiros

in the Generalities, never heard to count at least one causes involving the great head with its white horse the great head making justice for the proper hands the great head temente the God the great head presenteando Riobaldo with a rifle the great head judging Z Bebelo is lying. has lain deslavadamente. It aims and it sees: or the goat of the plague has the imprisoned tail with the flock of the Hermgenes, or is joint Thing-Bad While scribbled mine; ‘ Rurais’ ‘ hinterland, that it is clearly. With the word, Joca Ramiro Before, however, it agrees to clarify that Z Bebelo had linking with the government of Mines and, therefore, was considered enemy n 1 of the jagunagem. Thus, to the being captured for the flock of Joca Ramiro, Bebelo if seeing in the imminence to lose the neck demanded one ‘ ‘ correct judgment and legal’ ‘ house-great.

It agrees to still clarify the following one: if, instead of the mining hinterland, Z Bebelo inhabited the hinterland northeastern and, in the same circumstances, it fell at the hands of the king of cangao, Lampio Certainly, he would have been executed summarily, without right to any type of judgment. This sample the moral superiority of Joca Ramiro on Lampio. , With Bebelo then encircled of gunmen for all the sides, sedentos of revenge, had beginning so waited judgment. At this moment, the defendant leaves itself with this baffling commentary: ‘ ‘ All hour I am in julgamento’ ‘. Joca Ramiro, after granting the word to the heads and to make available the gunmen, accuses it to it Bebelo of ‘ ‘ to mislead the sertanejos of its old custom of lei’ ‘. This striking again: ‘ ‘ Old it is what already it is of misled itself. The old one was valid while ‘ was new; ‘. Any similarity with a tragic part of theater is not mere coincidence.

In the form and the symbology. Joca Ramiro (in foot): ‘ ‘ Mr. is not of the hinterland. He is not of the land ‘ ‘ Z Bebelo (seated): ‘ ‘ I am of the fire? I am of air? ‘ ‘ The court continued serious and solemn, permeado for a generis rhetoric sui, fancy and dense, with a mixture of popular and erudite expressions at the same time, in full hinterland Joca Ramiro, based in the law of the hinterland and ownership of a sense of justice to cause envy to the judges of the STF, proceeded to the final judgement. Z Bebelo was free, exempts, but it would have that to leave the hinterland immediately. To judge is to always make justice in defense of the life. However, after that decision, the hinterland never would be the same! If the reader to want to know of close history to Joca Ramiro and, also, the consequncias it judgment of Z Bebelo, goes to the address: Great Hinterland: Trails. Additional information is available at Ripple. With certainty, very well-it will be received. (In the next week I speak on the other Ramiro, the Guedes.) (.