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THX For The Home Theater

THX certifications there was at that time only for the large screens, now you can this technology at home THX enjoy three letters that ever came among many, that most however wasn’t so too can do much. THX is still relatively new in the field of home cinema. Originally it was only in the movies. But just to the beginning: the THX limited was founded by none other than George Lucas. The producer and Director of films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones is most known. Since 1983, there is the CA that awarded will provide an optimum reproduction of image and sound in cinemas and guidelines are provided.

In the course of time has expanded the whole thing and now also on the home cinema that are heavy on the rise for a few years. Also the home theater systems can get such a Signet. There are several variants, THX select 1, THX select 2, THX-ultra 1, THX-Ultra-2, and THX certified multimedia. While not the entire plant is certified, but that individual devices such as DVD player, amplifier and speakers. Especially the room size, where the cinema is used is decisive for the respective THX certified.

Who is going to buy such a system, which should create therefore a focus character on the THX. The dealer can help with security this one. Finally, you want to have the best possible picture and sound quality, so that the experience cinema at home also fully can be enjoyed. It is certainly a question of cost. Who sets to a plant in a low price range, which will seek the THX seal may be in vain.