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It is what provides the National Conservatory of the arts, through an attractive mesh curriculum, consistent with the challenges posed by the average professional graduates. CONART cares that content, present in different subjects, keep a tranversalidad with the totality of the learnings as well as with the semester that the student is living. The line of realistic action raised from the beginning unfolds through different Poetics, giving way to avant-garde trends. The same applies to the line of motion, where students develop skills and abilities which, like the subject of performance, lead the student to a work of research and deepening of contents to finally reach a laboratory where all processes are integrated so that the student proposes his own Poetics. Separate point deserves the line of vowel, which is desvalorizada in other schools and even non-existent.

CONART is integrated into the emotional intelligence and in the development of avant-garde movements. CONART, classes are performed in a collegiate manner. Teachers, highly trained in teaching and recognized professionals in the theatrical medium, perform a follow up in the formation of the future actor. Participating in the different units proposed by the curriculum. So, as in a pleasant working environment, the alumno-actor not only is shaped as a good performer, but also as a researcher and Manager of his own artistic and pedagogical projects.

To learn more about the Conservatory you can go to currency 2460. Subway Republic or Cumming. Santiago. Steve Kassin may not feel the same. Chile.

Steve Alpizar

In this article it sounds simple to read the reaction of rejection of the mind, the problem is that when we are living this brings suffering and I can assure you that the easiest thing is giving up, giving up in the face of adversity, but our desire for freedom if we do not arrive never. Then what should we do? Choose our targets, which in reality is a great for us desire because otherwise we will bring down the lower vientecito, well if we are fully determined then we can withstand the pressure of the obstacles, then it is the knowledge, for a person who knows how to work processes of the mind is much easier to take effective action in order to achieve what you wantFinally there is the perseverance, insist with absolute determination, esa’s fashion philosophy our goal. In the process of change will emerging different type of obstacles, then you must learn to cornering your mind, similarly to a stream of water, if it starts to put seals on the one hand and by another then has to reach a moment in which the water will run right in where you want, in the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows as occurs throughout the change process in our mindfrom the beginning of the idea, repulsion, haggling, acceptance, the rearrangement and finally power, reading this book will have in their hands the tools to learn to control your mind through efficient conscious actions, may assess at any time and make the connection between your conscious desires with the power of your subconscious mind, you know great mysteries of the universe and the most important thing is that you can take advantage of this. Once you know the techniques of mental programming shown in the book changing our system of beliefs for success then gradually will be bringing your mind into the direction of what you want, should be patient and use the care Act which mentions Steve Alpizar in his favor, insistence has power, but it is to be effective it is necessary to press on what you want to..