Standard individual, who himself had not experienced a depressive syndrome or may not have encountered this malady is close enough, it is very difficult to realize all its awfulness, he rarely takes such a strange state as the most common "poor attitudes". Nevertheless, major depression – is a syndrome of combined symptoms that make up much more than just an ordinary sadness. Gary Kelly has much to offer in this field. Slice measurements, such as comparing indicators of the level of neurotransmitters in the cerebral cortex, indicating that depression are present in significant changes in brain biochemistry and the overall decrease in brain activity. One consequence of the lack of understanding is next year – patients are often criticized for failing. But the very nature of depression is so much change all human actions, that he ceases to carry anything to improve the condition. Because this is a terrible point of view, it is important that depressed patient to immediately seek professional help. Because without timely treatment depression tends to worsen, subject to recall periodic moments of short-term stabilization.

In the early stages without professional treatment, depression usually occurs from 0,5 up to two years, in which case the companion is a constant stress, then to fall into a chronic, leaking a lot of time or indefinitely. In the case of a competent medical treatment of negative symptoms are often neutralized in a few weeks. In a state of depression patient can damage a social way, killing all the mutual communication with others in a professional manner, for example, lost job, financially and physically, when you come to suicide. While the treatment is quite may reduce the likelihood of such damage, including reducing the risk of attempted suicide, which otherwise could be very tragic, but very common outcome of depression. Therefore, the correct treatment of major depression is a very useful and sometimes vital.