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The Battle

In front of our eyes a new one arises that it requires of imagination and of intelligence so that it has a normal birth and so that the fetus does not present/display deformations. To be repetitive until the obstinacy, it is in the field of the policy where we must rejuvenecer as quickly as possible, while rare avis now happens to be to find a gracious governor or an aspiring to serlo- it understands that it. However, the anonymous reader will raise to us, how I apply these conceptions to the immediate or progressive liberation of my own drama that now alive? Evidently we are not raising a moral conversion of the population or the sudden appearance of a ray that it illuminates to a town towards the shift of paradigms. It is enough to initiate the understanding of a multiple, contradictory and complementary reality and to interrogate to us if our beliefs have lead to us to some concrete result. If the answer is negative already the tap for the abandonment of the unsuitable paradigms and its substitution by others will be open. The process in its end only can be measured in long time, but the decision to change the glance or simply to interrogate envelope she has consequences in the short term. From the power one is not becoming political, this type of being able does not conceive it. Who theoretically are against to him not they manage it to understand like an action specificity.

Against a power of this type the policy only can come from a subject does that it like a specific rupture. To raise an assumption return to the democracy is not a rupture. This would begin to impose a political battle, because if it stays in an evanescent territory the policy becomes unnecessary and the opresor regime will have gained the totality of the battle.

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Getting Potential Clients

Within all the advertising supports that are used, postcard (or postcard) is one of the best resources of marketing and publicity. The format of postcard has a similarity to one approximately the calling card although size superior, being of 16 x11 cm, allowing to include more information than a conventional card. Why It can Be used? – Professional Promotion. If you work in some independent profession you can use postcard like presentation means. For independent and freelance. (Photographers, musicians, actors/plastic actresses, models, artists, designers, plumbers, services of reforms ) – Product Promotion or Service One of the advantages is that this format allows to send a direct message and of great impact, being able to catch the attention of the public. Although so that postcard is effective and manages to catch a potential client it must follow a series of you rule: 1.

To concentrate in a single objective We tend to think that when we offer more, major possibility of sales we will have. But it is demonstrated, that more sales are generated when the attention in a single product concentrates to when many options appear. It avoids to present/display more of a product or service because of this form you are going to turn aside the attention and to bring about indecision. Recently I read that, in an occasion, a test through a program was done of teletienda presenting/displaying in two announcements the same product. In the first announcement, was a single model of clock and in the second, it occurred to choose between 9 models.

It was verified that the announcement that showed a single model had generated a 60% more of sales than in which I appear 9 models. This demonstrates that you will have a percentage of greater success, if in your advertising postcard you center your strategy in a single objective. 2. To direct to the reader to conduct a battle the information space is very brief, therefore, once you have caught its attention and its interest you must direct to the reader to that it extends his information or it goes to a certain place.

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Obtain Cheap Insurances

When we are about to contract our first one surely we must investigate the important details well since when companies the policy these accepting all the rules and implications that this offers, for that reason at the time of looking for cheap insurances you do not have to watch the price solely since this can traerte complications with your insuring company and not always the best one surely is the insurance cheap. For example when you look for an insurance of motorcycle against robbery you must know points well clearly like: the insurer covers the total cost to you or partial of the motorcycle, they ten in account that if the insurance is a valuable motorcycle also sera, you must ask exactly in which cases the insurance does not pay like in situations of damages in situation of robbery or similars since exceptional cases that exist the insurance does not cover unless you contract an insurance against all risk. The same occurs with the advice to contract a car insurance who we have, are vitally important details like: the guarantees that offer, the insurance of civil responsibility, if it protects to us against third parties, Insurance of the conductor, Legal Defense and all these details also estan related to the mark and the model of the car. At the time of contracting an insurance like these, he is high-priority that you consult with your asesorador of insurances and in case of not having you investigate correctly it before contracting anyone. You do not guide yourself solely by the price of the insurances since an insurance cheap sometimes cannot be the best option, another detail that you can be useful is that when contracts several insurances with the same company you can request a discount if you assure several vehicles.

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Constitutionalist Movement

Nevertheless, in 1906 the greatest strike of Mexico exploded in Cananea, precursor of the Mexican Revolution. A year later, the ferrocarrilero Jesus Garci’a Crown offered its life to save the town of Nacozari of a dynamite explosion. By then Francisco I. Log was against to general Porfirio Diaz and aspired to the presidency in 1910. When failing he triggered the Mexican Revolution, whose followers in Sonant were Jose Maria Maytorena, Salvador Alvarado, Youngest child G. Hill, Alvaro Obregn, Plutarco Elas Streets, Adolph of the Kitchen garden, among others. After the murder of president Madero in February of 1913, the governor of Coahuila, Venustiano Carranza, took refuge in Sonant and headed the Constitutionalist Movement, thus Hermosillo was the revolutionary capital of the country until March of the following year. Supported in the sonorenses and sinaloenses arms, he took the City of Mexico in August of 1914, with Alvaro Obregn to the front like unconquered general.

The sonorense group rebelled itself against president Carranza by means of the Dark Water Plan in April of 1920. This group took the control from the country and took to the presidency to Adolph of the Kitchen garden (1920), Alvaro Obregn (1920-1924) and Plutarco Elas Streets (1924-1928), that took firm steps for the national reconstruction. In 1929 the Renovadora, headed by the followers of assassinated elect president Alvaro Obregn comes the called revolt. The later governments established the bases for remodeling of Sonant, that became grain of Mexico in the middle of the last century, with means million irrigated hectares. Similar relevance had the cattle ranch. Already in years 60, the important industry arose in Walnuts assembly plant. In the 80, the investment of Planta Ford in Hermosillo, let grow the economy of the State, while the tourist industry expanded to our mountain range and the coast. Regional products Sonorenses original Author and source of the article.

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Contact Center

The disciplines of a CRM are four basic ones: a) Technology qualified for sales b) Service and support to client c) Analysis of marketing and d) standard electronic Commerce. We would have to begin a project of CRM with all the disciplines, catching, fidelizando and making profitable to the clients by means of an individualized handling. But that is not a process that is made overnight; it requires of time. It is necessary to begin by something, that redite the investment and is attractive to the financial direction. For that reason in the majority of contact centers that we have had the privilege to mount, we have initiated by the first discipline, doing telemercadeo of entrance and exit for specific functions of sales. Handling of the relations with the new clients, especially the capture of information requests, taking the process until the closing or negotiation. Simultaneously we do out bound or called of exit to promote and to catch new clients or for the pursuit of the best prospectuses generated by the publicity. The good handling of the information, the level on watch and the multiple tools of negotiation and handling of the transaction, cause that excellent results are obtained, that justify the contact investment in center.

In this way in the pocket we go little by little implementing the other disciplines, continuing with the service and has supported to clients. Although each contact and each applied strategy of relational marketing, represent a cost by the value of the call, operator, soft, etc., the compensation arrives immediately through increase in the sales, the diminution or optimization of rule advertising and the improvement of the quality of attention. In summary, a Contact Center is the best opportunity to create a dialogue with the clients, to listen to them, to respond its restlessness, to satisfy them, to collect valuable information envelope they, to construct close relationships of long term, to generate loyalty and obvious to obtain a greater number of sales.

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