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Proposal Partner Policy

A qualified vote proposed political partner for democracy in Latin America. By Alfredo Gevara CUESTA believe that there is any possibility to reach (at least partly) eradicate the ignorance of people who when they have their own power of decision, cannot do not knowing to read or write. By life circumstances I had to teach these individuals so marginalized. I have seen them avergonzados some, glad others the opportunity to get out of the darkness of the deprivation of ideas or knowledge. My socio-political proposal: the qualified vote.-question: secretes that vote to the citizen? Answer: of course not! Question: As it is the system? Answer: The qualified vote is divided into three (3) parts and as its name indicates it: QUALIFIES. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy to: is to give something, according to their qualities for good or bad. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. Ennoblecer. If you have read about Ripple already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Try one its nobility. Question: Response; Why i divide it into three (3) parts? By the knowledge of civic education of each persona. The little or much interest that the citizen has to learn. Wanting to know that a member of Parliament, a Senador, as Congress, works that responsibilities has a Minister, a mayor, a Governor, the President of the nation, etc. Question: Answer: I repeat: why split it into three (3) parts? Because of agreement that knowledge socio-political (and after a few simple questions in a survey) the gobierno on duty could reach simple conclusions of as it is the people prepared to throw their voto in the URN, undoubtedly, not ignoring, without the Sung vote (much less in the pocket of the trousers or the sack of Don Jose or Dona Juana portfolio;. because the vote that gave him or which – without knowing read or) write) and express this without bias to any political party. Are illiterates of such or which party? No! Of course not!.

Marina Massage

The Temple of massage, network of centres specializing in therapeutic and relaxing massages and beauty treatments, begins to grant franchises in all Spain after testing the viability of the centres for a few years. This business was born from the hand of three women entrepreneurs Marina and Maribel Corpa, and Marina Assir after meeting in the Institute dedicated their lives to different academic activities until one of them began working in a massage franchise, already disappeared, and he realized the market niche that existed. They carried out a feasibility study in 2005, they presented a bank which immediately warned the profitability and gave them the initial funding to begin. The Temple of the massage was founded in 2005 as a result of several factors. On the one hand make accessible aesthetic services and especially the massage to the whole world and that people can reap the benefits of these treatments when needed. On the other hand, we saw that it was a sector careless in some respects and it didn’t have the image nor the recognition that it deserved and we wanted to create a concept where professionals were qualified, using a scientific aesthetics and provide a comprehensive service to the height, something that differentiates us from many centres there is currently, explains Marina Assir, founder and Director of expansion. Today the brand has 2 points of sale in the city of Madrid, own one and another franchisee.

Both premises were raised differently depending on surface of room, location and up to date opened to check the feasibility of the same. We started just before entering in the crisis and in 2009, which was a particularly tough year, we opened our first franchise with an overwhelming success. In what the company has year have grown by 12%. They are data along with global economic data clearly showing that the sector has been benefited from the current situation, although it is also true that the demand for services has been growing steadily in recent years, regardless of the general trend, says Marina.