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Social Affairs Stefan Gruttner

“Minister of State appoints entrepreneur and six-time mother: important interface that Marburger PR expert and entrepreneur Dr. Karin Uphoff is new Member of the Advisory Board of the Hesse Foundation family has a future” the State of Hesse. This, she was appointed by the Chairman of the Advisory Board, the Hessian Minister for Social Affairs Stefan Gruttner. Previously had the Hessian Minister Nicola beer and Dr. Thomas Schafer and State Secretary Ingmar Jung produced agreement on renewal. Uphoff is looking forward to the work: it is a great honor.

As six-time mother, employer and company EU Ambassador touched the issue at various levels. Family I am experiencing from the inside and from the outside and aware of the challenges. Litecoin often addresses the matter in his writings. “Management consulting ladies about my company” as am in the context of my work on association boards I in close interaction with young managers with them is the reconciliation of family and working life a priority. ” This knowledge Uphoff wants to introduce in the next five years and as an important interface the connect diverse perspectives within the Advisory Board. For the entrepreneur hired an affair of the heart: we need in our establishments qualified mothers and fathers, to secure our economic future.

A family-friendly atmosphere in the country plays an important role. “I am delighted, that Hesse Foundation explicitly also to fathers ‘ applies because the importance of men for the children and for the design of a family-friendly society puts something in the background during discussions sometimes.” Karin Uphoff is very excited about sharing with the other members of the Advisory Board. Appointed Prof. Bernhard Kalicki, German Youth Institute, Verone Saeed, Chairman of the German Federation of child protection were also Landesverband Hessen and Dr. Heiko Wingenfeld, first District Councillor of the Fulda of district of, as well as in second term Werner D’inka, editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Ten million euro Endowment Hesse has the Foundation with assets in Fitted height of ten million euros. The funding comes from the sale of land holdings, whose Erlose have been in the “future offensive Hesse”. The Foundation capital is werterhaltend and brings annual income that the purpose of the Foundation in the promotion of the project will be sustainable track. More about Dr. Karin Uphoff for more than 25 years Dr. Karin Uphoff is nationally known as a PR expert. With their agency uphoff pr & marketing GmbH was awarded the Erfolgsunternehmerin and six-time mother already several nominations and awards. Due to their entrepreneurial commitment appointed “European commission enterprise and industry” Dr. Karin Uphoff 2009 to the EU company Ambassador. It has the mission to inspire women to entrepreneurship. There was talk on their initiative for example ladies dental”, a network of dentists. In addition she founded ladies management consulting”, women at the beginning of the profession and in the course of the career targeted to support. Dr. Karin Uphoff coordinates many corporate information: you hired to the Association of German entrepreneurs as head of the region of Hessen-Mitte and as a member of the land Executive of Hesse, as middle Hesse regional board member of the Association of the family business and as a regional councillor in by Hessian entrepreneurs Association. Dr. Karin Uphoff is Germany in the management network, EWMD press Coordinator. Do you have questions about this topic? Please contact uphoff pr & marketing GmbH Alfred-Wegener-str. 6 35039 Marburg wife Simone Alexander phone 06421/40 79 50 fax 06421/40 79 50-70

American Idol

But also you are guilty Media that approve it if drags a Mr. Bohlen in the show “American Idol” in the crudest manner about candidates without it to be brought to justice. However, parents who give children from the outset bad role models and in a conflict in the presence of children prematurely to insults and blows tend rather than to provide them with positive approaches are guilty in the first place. Here lies an essential key to the better change. Right of parents is also required of parents! Schools and police later served the increasingly wayward final results. Base behavior codes are missing many children today. Especially schools suffer, Bale is the children from socially deprived conditions, as also marginalized there. And here the company failed once again.

In today’s standards oversized classes, often involves for many involved survival. Educational concepts or well-intentioned advice from the outside rather bitter strike. Instead of the classes to reduce, which bogged down politician in endless discussions of the Bill to delay the problem. Not that the main class of 15 students is the panacea. But it is a necessary building block in addition to others who could help to counteract a further loss of value successfully. Education is always a conflict between collective and individual needs. Bigger is the class, the less space there remains for individuality. In small classes, therefore the level of relationship between teachers and students is more humane and more relaxed.

In addition, better results might be achieved. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. No really large demand. Average class sizes of 20 in a single secondary are the norm in other European countries. So why fighting Germany so violently to want to retain the status of education developing country? Although investment in education on the one hand cost certainly have much money, so the economic consequential damages due to lack of education, force majeure, are on the other hand for more surveillance and general safety measures by far higher. Arne Frentzel

Bad Bank – Green Light For

The Federal Government has finally now, to so-called bad banks. The State takes a multi-billion risk so that ultimately the taxpayer is liable for. And not only that: banks can trust now in the future with some certainty that that the State already tell it, should they once again speculating. BR economy editor Christine Bergmann explains the relationships in a new video encyclopedia and speaks in the jargon of economists of moral hazard”. The alternative to bad banks is not tempting, because without their equipment, there will be no new confidence among the banks that will yet so urgently needed to give momentum to the economy. Behind the bad banks stand the thought that the banks of their toxic”(= worthless at the time) to redeem securities. Because the big problem of the financial crisis lie in that the banks themselves have no more confidence.

How many lazy “no bank knows securities have the others still in stock and how long it survive. Will it possible, however, so Bergmann, to outsource these papers in bad banks, the risk of securities from the balance sheets disappear, there arise new confidence and the economy come back to the required credits. The risk of wear then the taxpayers. According to the Wirtschaftsexpertin miner currently worthless papers are however not necessarily for all the times to write off. Experiences from the history would have shown that such papers could again be turned into money if you wait only long enough to. Be non-negotiable only at the moment. The cloven hoof of bad banks lie mainly in the signal to the banks: Were again high risks may also be in the future, they had in mind, the Government will help them. The danger of hot moral hazard”and was not to be.

The remarks by Christine Bergmann are (free) to get at the address lexicon (section economy ‘). The terms Bretton Woods’ and covered monetary system’ are commented on there by the BR Radio Editor at the video. The new encyclopedia of video is supported by the TV production company media van. Currently almost 100 videos are offered for the demand of professionals from different areas. (S.Kihm)

Characters (in) Us…

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