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The secondary market for capital life and pension insurance is booming except no make and cancel the sale of Kapitallebesn – or pension insurance is often more lucrative. Often sell better a booming secondary market has developed for life and private pension insurance there are several way to separate from its capital life and pension insurance: is a possibility – you can sell it. For a real secondary market has developed into, on which the policies are traded. The sale has two big advantages over dismissal: buyers pay usually more money, than who would receive insurance for cancellation its police. The reason is, that the insurance in a premature termination submits cancellation costs not incurred in the sale. And up to December 31, 2008, the payment is tax-free. (Who announces his capital life and pension insurance within the first 12 years pays capital gains tax plus solidarity surcharge on the income (around 26Prozent) and in addition) maintain a death protection. Because if the insured person dies, the insurance company will transfer the originally agreed sum of death to the company that has purchased the contract.

This then deducts its costs incurred up to that point. These include of course, the purchase price was paid by the company to the former policyholder, the premium payments accrued after that, as well as an interest on this award. The rest will be paid to the heirs of the insured person. The buying companies set certain criteria for the purchase of capital life and pension insurance: firstly a minimum surrender value. Depending on the buyer or factoring – company 1,000 euros, normally from 10,000 euros.

Second requirement: in turn, depending on the buying company, the remaining term of the contract. Unit-linked insurance will nor acquired as direct insurance. Finally, they pass on the name of the company. In addition an once sold life and pension insurance can no longer be purchased back. From point of view many consumer protection associations makes the sale of a capital life and pension insurance – from the point of view of the yield – in any case meaning. In a short time you have cash – you get paid more money, and has insurance coverage. Not to forget: the monthly released posts can be used better. More information on, by the way: also savings and funds have to sell on the secondary market. R.Ulmer

Financial Communication At The Highest Level

The beclever werbeagentur AG is one of the few agencies with an emphasis in financial communications and the emission marketing. Gottingen the full-service agency of beclever werbeagentur AG ( offers all advertising functions in the print media and the online media. For years, the Gottingen creative hotbed has one of its priorities in the area of financial communications. For companies who want to generate capital for their companies on the financial market, a professional appearance is the Foundation for a successful IPO”, so Kirsten Winkelbach, Board the beclever werbeagentur AG. Especially in the financial sector and in the Investor Business professionalism and honesty is needed. In addition, a competent agency is required on the legal side. We know the legal requirements for prospectuses, for example”, so next Winkelbach. With a competent network partner together with their network partners, the beclever advertising agency can successfully AG financial communications of companies on the capital market Not Acceptable!

Federal Government

Savers can get a lot of the current financial crisis: high interest on their balances and a guarantee of their deposits by the Federal Government. The exchanges currently groan under the impact of the financial crisis. No Bank knows what explosives still inside its balance sheet and those of other institutions. All parties are accordingly overprotective when it comes to short-term loans of loans. Accordingly, banks around the world among the losers of the financial crisis. But where there are losers, winners also are not far. These include clearly savers who have applied their money on the day – or fixed-term deposit accounts of domestic banks or still want to create.

The credit crunch between the banks namely ensures that interest far above the ECB interest rate is paid on such accounts currently. The day money is added to the daily availability in phases like this a must-have for many savers. Even that almost disappeared believed passbook is currently experiencing true dominance, and that not of return aspects, but from psychological reasons. Customers on the Bank leave the money on a savings account. The passbook as a personalized savings certificate, however, can take you home.

In times in which banks (almost) represent failure and States shortly before the financial collapse, this perceived security is an effective marketing tool. And so it is not surprising because even savers billions to banks and savings banks make month for month. While the perceived security is not so far-fetched. Savings are subject to as well as day and date Money accounts of the statutory deposit insurance and are secured with membership of the managing financial institution in one of the liability federations or associations about the backup system. Third stage is considered to be the guarantee of our Federal Government for several weeks for balances private savers to accounts of domestic financial institutions. Safer is currently hardly, because even with federal securities ultimately only the Federal Government to be repaid can guarantee what he Yes currently offline I’m also in sight, savings and time deposits.

Schufafrei Car Financing

Summer time is time convertible! It is still spring but in my opinion it summer like or? And what does that mean? Roof down and the wind through the hair blow can be, there is nothing better! You have even no convertible dream but the half life? Their current financial situation, income would cover a loan without any problems? Well what are you waiting for, still look out of the window! Now or never on car financing calculator which has always the top current credit offers clearly displayed so that no problems conditions, credit rate etc could read. We have also the right product for all with negative Schufa. We provide special schufafrei loans where the Schufa falls score not in weight. Of course it can happen that man, woman with a neg. Entry in the Schufa files has struggled. Usually the youth accumulated debt which entry led to the Schufa. The Schufa is not included in us. Nevertheless, schufafreie loans are high on the level of ordinary loans.

As well as you choose with or without Schufa with us will find the best in any case. All credit requests are of course free of charge and does not oblige you to complete of a loan. Summer time is convertible for those among us that the exquisite pleasure during hot periods a to have open 😉 Still no summer is, of course, but it feels ever so Alexswl hope for a long time to buy a convertible but shy away from financing or have a negative entry with the Schufa. All no reason to discard his dreams! We assist you with the implementation of your dream, unless the long dream car or the world journey that you are looking for a whole lifetime. Choose the car and we’ll take care of the rest. Mean, you sacrifice 5 minutes of your valuable time to fill out the free, no-obligation loan application and within 48 hours, we will create a first credit offer. The offer is unique, created on the basis of your personal and financial situation.

We want to of course make sure that our customers despite loan stay financially flexible. Used or new cars the choice is yours, the proposed credit is completely free to use. Try our car finance calculator which compiles deals for the top banks, so have the favourites at a glance. Who currently has the best interest or the longer maturities? Inform the conditions free of charge. People with negative Schufa characteristics or negative Schufa score have usually no chance of getting a loan from your local bank or dealership. After the Bankenkriese, the banks are still cautious with regard to the granting of loans. We offer special Schufafrei loans where the Schufa score does not matter. Dear previously pay inform as in hindsight too much. Our schufafrei loans is not great differ essentially. No charging usurious interest rates or prepayments as at some unserious providers in this industry. Our partner forgives loans for 35 years, and I think this fact speaks for itself. Convince yourself and visit us online, we would be pleased. Enrico GAIKWAD

Rental Deposit Insurance

Security deposit insurance makes it possible s who is looking for a new apartment, should be aware of many parameters to select of the right property or new home. But not only the location, the facilities and the monthly rent is crucial, often the amount of the deposit accounts for much. Perhaps check out The online portal reveals how it can look.

The security deposit insurance is the secret. Tenants who complete such in its insurance, need be to bail from this no longer deterred to more worry, and be. The amount of the deposit the landlord is free and can include up to three monthly figures. This money is paid at the beginning of the lease and the landlord. It serves this as a hedge in case of damages caused by the tenant in the occupied rental property. In the excerpt, a part or all the money can be used for repairs. No deficiencies exist, the tenant Gets the deposit refunded.

In the case of a security deposit insurance eliminates this provision. Instead, the insurance of the renter for the policyholder guarantees. The cost of such insurance are quite lower than the usually deposit. Should then in the pull-out complaints collected by the landlord, this initially pays the insurance. The tenant must costs incurred later reimburse the insurer. Such a solution reduces the financial burden at the time of the move.

Issue Tomorrow

AFA AG: poverty – not an issue by morning the AFA AG warns of impending poverty in Germany for many years and strongly advises to the private pension at an early age. Since this week, all those should prick up their ears, have previously pushed the poverty in old age as a subject of the future to the side. The Federal Statistical Office has published new figures. Then, the old-age poverty increasing sharply in Germany. Last year depended on almost 465,000 pensioners on assistance from the State. 6.6 Per cent are more than in the year before. This figure is a new record. A glance on the statistics, that especially women from the West German Federal States are affected.

Absolute leader is actually rich city Hamburg. Here, the proportion of welfare recipients was 6.2 per cent both in men and in women over 65. It followed with 5.5 percent and Berlin Bremen 5.3 percent. Least frequently depended on pensioners in Saxony and Thuringia on the basic insurance. In the two provinces, the rate was one percent. “The issue of poverty in old age is Future sadly even more look as already. I can advise everyone in good time to think about tomorrow and to provide private. Our top asset depreciation Fund policy is recommended immediately, which was awarded with the title of best retirement this year by the financial magazine FOCUS MONEY “, says Stefan Granel, the AFA Board in Berlin.

The AFA AG has developed a short video titled “Retirement plans instead of poverty”, which explains in simple words and images, what matters in the private old-age provision. The video is available at: about AFA: the general financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG) is an independent financial sales with seat in Berlin and Cottbus. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are trained according to the recognized directives. In addition, they are registered in the EU register of brokers and work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 Young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany.


Cheap debt to no early repayment penalty interest rates for housing loans are always still unbeatable cheap long-term comparisons. According to Bundesbank statistics, the average effective interest rate of loans with maturities of 5 to 10 years amounted in April 2011 only to 4.18%. In August 2007, he was still a full percentage point higher at 5.18%. Understandably, resent builders have long financed their real estate to a higher fixed interest rates as. They would complete the credit under the current conditions, they could save some ten thousand euro in many cases. Debt to is possible, but usually not readily because the Bank can be meet the credit up to the end of the fixed rate agreement, or an early termination only upon payment of an early repayment indemnity must agree to, what usually destroys the interest rate advantage. Not so rarely there but on one side a way, the expensive credit to finish, without an early repayment indemnity pay. Namely, if the revocation of the credit agreement is wrong.

It is since 03.11.2002 no longer, whether you have completed the credit in a doorstep-selling situation, because since that time 495 each consumer admits BGB 2 weeks in case of a right of withdrawal, that the loan agreement in the Bank has been completed. The withdrawal period starts to run, if the revocation information is correct only and that is often not the case. The error are manifold. For example, the cancellation policy is wrong when it says that the revocation is considered failed if the consumers pay back the loan within a period of 2 weeks. The revocation would be incorrect even then when she should begin to run cooling-off period only with the entrance of the credit agreement with the Bank, or if the revocation information leaves open whether there is a related business between the credit and the funds that financed. If a withdrawal is wrong, can However, only an expert sure judge. Who wants to save his real estate financing, should have checked his credit agreement therefore by a lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law. Because the construction interest rates rise again for a few months, stakeholders should act soon.

Important Financial Tips

If you do everything right in planning your retirement funding, have later enough money and can look forward to the time after work worry-free. The VZ experts have put together the most important tips for you, from which you benefit financially the most. Tip 1: make a solid financial plan places your anticipated expenses the income in retirement to. In this way, discover a possible financial bottleneck or get the certainty, until in old age financial security to be provided, your financial plan is based on realistic assumptions. This especially applies to the return on your investments, which significantly influenced the development of your assets and the amount of your income. And consider the inflation, which is the cost of living often stronger than expected rise in spending. Tip 2: secure your income if you have to live after retirement of your wealth, you should choose a cautious investment strategy for your savings.

A more interesting way is the stage strategy: you live of your assets, but without consuming it. so always have a liquidity reserve and you can inherit your assets later. You can learn more about the stage strategy from the new data sheet. Tip 3: check your private insurance: as pension or capital related? Your choice affects the amount and your income security after retirement. And it has far-reaching consequences for your financial flexibility, your tax burden, and the protection of your family. Ask for advice at this extremely important decision by an independent expert.

Tip 4: check for premature retirement pension cuts when start your pensions before the statutory retirement age, this has a lifetime reduction result, i.e. 0.3 per cent per month. You go so instead of 67 with 63 years in retirement, you must come out with 14.4 percent less pension. Therefore check what alternatives you have. Tip adjust your estate 5: Your wealth is divided after the death according to the statutory guidelines, your spouse device under certain circumstances in financial distress because he must pay off the remaining heirs. With a testament or marriage contract, you can ensure that your assets will be distributed so as you want it. Tip: Make sure that your assets for the future is properly loaded. Until 10 may, benefit from our depot-check action: VZ independent experts analyze your investments and show you whether to take high risks, how to improve the rate of return and pay less bank charges.

Disability Insurance

The winner of the occupational disability insurance 2012 are expected. Test winner Berusfunfahigkeitsversicherung Foundation were test 2011 last year were in the summer again by the tester by Stiftung Warentest examines disability insurance. Stiftung Warentest belongs to the most prestigious rating agencies in Germany and enjoys a very high level of confidence among consumers. In the last disability insurance several tariffs of different insurance companies were distinguished test with very good test results. BU test winner of 2011 was a collective of the AachenMunchener (SBU BU F/M), which achieved a total score of 0.7 and total could received the rating “very good”.

BU test 2011: 10 tariffs with “very good” award in addition to the BU test winner SBU BU were nine more disability insurance that convince Tester by Stiftung Warentest F/M of the AachenMunchener and received the best grade “very good”. Overall, this BU reached provider but “only” an overall rating of 0.9, which they beat not the test winner could. Were the runners up in the test: disability insurance the HanseMerkur disability insurance the HUK24 professional impotence insurance the HUK-Coburg professional impotence insurance the generali professional impotence insurance of the public Oldenburg disability insurance the provincial Rhineland disability insurance of Hannover life disability insurance the VHV professional impotence insurance of the VGH total the above BU could test winner convince the editors by Finanztest especially by a good price-performance ratio. A man thirty years was chosen as sample customers for the BU fares. Disability insurance test: eco 2012 even the renowned rating agency oko-Test has already 2012 the occupational disability insurance test and test winner could determine any real BU. Although the price performance ratios of surveyed BU tariffs agreed mostly, however, there were many complications in the admission criteria and tested customers had to spite small pre-existing conditions which is not negatively impacted by increased likelihood of disability, to be classified in a worse rate. Disability insurance test for students and trainees this year were already the disability insurance named test winner Stiftung Warentest for students and trainees.

A total of 25 policies for young adults were tested this. The consumer magazine pointed out the importance of a BU-insurance and the fact that this as early as possible should be completed, to insure their own labor power. This is important, especially for young workers as they have no legal right to a disability pension in the first years. They would pay 1/3 of the old Nettolohns monthly in the event of occupational disability. Whether that’s enough to life, every man for himself must determine. A private pension is very important so the professionals by Stiftung Warentest. In Germany, every fourth gainfully employed before the age of retirement is berufsunfahig.