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The beclever werbeagentur AG is one of the few agencies with an emphasis in financial communications and the emission marketing. Gottingen the full-service agency of beclever werbeagentur AG ( offers all advertising functions in the print media and the online media. For years, the Gottingen creative hotbed has one of its priorities in the area of financial communications. For companies who want to generate capital for their companies on the financial market, a professional appearance is the Foundation for a successful IPO”, so Kirsten Winkelbach, Board the beclever werbeagentur AG. Especially in the financial sector and in the Investor Business professionalism and honesty is needed. In addition, a competent agency is required on the legal side. We know the legal requirements for prospectuses, for example”, so next Winkelbach. With a competent network partner together with their network partners, the beclever advertising agency can successfully AG financial communications of companies on the capital market Not Acceptable!