It is very important to repair that we did not win only when someone enters, but products are generally the category services and are renewed every month by which we secured a steady income every month. Revenues are based on the compensation Plan or Plan of revenue of each company, supported by arrays of different characteristics. In a forced matrix, you can see that very interesting sums can be achieved very easily. The secret is to quickly incorporate at least two people and that these duplicative, or mainstream at the same time two other business. Each company has its own Plan of income and it is important to analyse carefully since it must balance several factors such as the type of product, the importance of the company, which both can be searched for that product, references or testimonials from people who already use the services or products, if they pay good commissions and how they are defined in the compensation Plan. This example is the case of an array of 2 10 this means that every two people complete a level and you will be charged for those concerned until level 10, are incorporated directly by us or by our affiliates in an indirect manner.

Companies pay a percentage by direct affiliates, i.e. those that let’s us get and another percentage by indirect affiliates, these are affiliates for our affiliates. In this example we put as the cost of membership a value of $40 and 30% commissions and 5% to the direct and indirect respectively.-This 2 10 does not mean that we can incorporate only two people, unlike how much more we incorporate more we stimulate business. But if we incorporaramos only 2 people and these in turn incorporated only into 2 people each one and so on, and this occurs in the first week of admission; our monthly income would be more than 4,000 dollars in three months of having us affiliate. Are others emphasize that we are talking about only 2 people and that these values can be much higher if Add to more than 2. A last note is that there are companies where pay more than those percentages, which do not have only 10 levels, but they are unlimited, extraordinary bonuses, awards, etc. This yields an excellent way to earn a living and today more than 25 million people are in these businesses and enjoy all its benefits.