They are human issues that the new science can illuminate simply by showing that the traditional way is inefficient and requires a new consciousness to relate. The environment, economy, society. It can be seen in the dialogues very immediate problems most of them seems like they say, are the result of systems and structures that have been built, as governments and institutions. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. All these are systems that have their own life, power and politics, created to serve and now we have an internal dynamic that imprisons us wrong. All that will have to change, they conclude, that is not mechanistic, but also seeks to concepts such as patterns, links, forms and stationary objects not so much, that's important. We also have a holistic vision or all that is connected to one another and not get stuck why not go forward.

We also have to explain how the objects are separated in time and space. New paradigms completeness explain very well. You never said that fragmentation only seeks to separate things, sometimes is a good way to put together what should not be separated. It also happens that the fragmentation is simply a way to build things wrong. Then the holism in this sense is very good, it's good that everything is one, although it should also explain fragmentation.

You need to understand the movement between the whole and the part. This is a work of the new science. Finally, anomalies, its major limitations, and serious problems for the scientific and religious paradigm have led to the birth of a new world view, the holistic view. The fundamental principle of the holistic vision is the "scenario", which should perceive that everything in the universe is connected to everything else, is a living network of relationships consisting of whole / part, everything is interconnected form systems and subsystems. The human being is one with the universe, consciousness is the consciousness of the universe. The natural world is seen from the new paradigm as a living world that is self-organized as an organism rather than a machine. Well hopefully if the new science concerned with spiritual matters, deeply and not superficial way, the new science with a conscience perceives the universe as a set of objects, but as a community of subjects. Whether we are interested in doing something that contributes to our internal staff development. I hope this essay will serve all the people who are overcome day to day, not just professional or occupational level, but also deals with grown spiritually to become better human beings.