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Knowing Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, there is a used and tremendously useful function little. One is ” Content”. In the left lateral menu we will find the Link leads that us to this information, whose analysis will take to us to define better strategies of positioning. First of all, the main image teaches to the Pageviews, that is to say, the visited pages to us. Of these we will be able to deduce the Unique Views, users who have entered a single page and they have not acceded to another one. For example, a site can count on 50 pages visited throughout a month. This already it is a revealing data. If our Web site contains 55 pages, are five that have never been visited.

These fifty pages of this five hundred example can have received eight thousands Unique Views, that is to say eight thousand five hundred times have entered our site, have seen a page and they have gone away. And also total Page Views can have received 12,000. Here all the visits are counted, until the repeated ones of a same user. He is unsuitable that is little difference between the Unique Views, and the PageViews, since it denotes that the users enter and leave by the same page in their majority, without seeing the rest of the site. Next we were with a picture, the one of Content Performance. Here we will see how many visits (unique and repeated) receive each page of the site, of released way. He is advisable to look for those sections little visited.

Perhaps they do not have necessary the internal liaisons so that the users arrive until them. And if the users do not do, perhaps they do not arrive either crawlers from the finders, that what they do is to follow connections when they index a Web. This is something that must be solved immediately. Another section that we would have to analyze is the one of ” Top Landing Pages”. Also it is acceded to her by the left lateral bar. Here we will be able to see the pages by which the users arrive at the Web site. We must by ricochet consider the Rates, or Bounce Rates, that will give a track us on the satisfaction of the users when entering our page. By ricochet too high rates, can mean that we will have to reorient our efforts of marketing online, that no we are working with the advisable key words, or that our page is not, somehow, the ideal answer to the demand of the users. Also it is necessary to review the times of load, since the pages that take too much in loading are quickly aborted by the visitors.

Training Boxer Dogs

To walk with the strap: not puppy leaves throws of strap when it extraction of stroll, since it will become an unbearable habit when he is adult and it weighs more than 30 kg As soon as it begins to throw, prese and it does not resume the march until the strap is again loose. When he is something more major, it can accompany this with a dry pull towards You If he is constant, the puppy will learn quickly that to throw it does not agree to him. ” They see aqu”: probably more important that it must learn dog is to go when it calls him, and if it follows the instructions that I explain next obtains, it without greater difficulty. First of all, it loosen to its puppy whenever there are not dangers close, the dogs to which their owners almost never loosen become uncontrollable not very often who are free. Secondly, felictelo always effusively when it goes to its call (until it can give him to a treat or a toy), even if it has taken and she is irritated You enough.

And by all means never it fights to him or it beats when it comes. If it follows these simple norms, the success practically is ensured. Dogs and children: million children have grown with the company of dogs, and is a relation that can be very enriching and beneficial for the boy. Larazas of Boxer dogs universally is recognized like one of the most suitable races for the life in family and with children. Nevertheless, it is necessary to teach so much to the dog as to the boy to be respected mutually and to behave of correct form. It always must have a responsible adult supervising when small dog and children are together. If when their Boxer is adult decides to train it professionally formal or, it carefully chooses the trainer and/or club of training, since a bad work done can spoil the character of the dog in this way and all their potential, besides being a loss of time and money. FINALLY does not pay attention absolutely to the indications of the pseudo-understood ones, because any erroneous advice on some important aspect of the raising or the training can ruin to the best unit.