They protect from experiencing the same thing again. Thus they opt for isolation, do not wish to be in a situation to remind you the situation. For this reason, people who have been exposed so long in a situation of violence in couples, more importantly, isolate the aggressor not to repeat the cycle of pain and aggression. They suffer from a strong anxiety, depression and alteration in the habits of feeding, sleep patterns and a strong depression, therefore, is important, a support and a timely intervention in this regard. We must not forget that who is in this situation has been violated, assaulted and sobajado for a long time, therefore, the person or the couple required an intervention of specialists.

It requires a great empathy and professionalism in order to help these people. c voltage, which means stress and a sense of unreality. They have been victims of a continuing permanent violence, their lives have gone out of control. And just they are starting a recovery process. d the cognitive sphere has also been affected, they can not pay attention, his concentration level is low, the memory is altered. Confusion dominates the picture. Violence in the couple, and the abuse generates a series of disorders on the lives of people in his esteem, in its value, in its entirety, in its essence. If you or someone you know is living in a similar situation, surely, is having alterations in their behavior, in their State of mind and is having very bad, do not hesitate to consult specialists.

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