The importance of a vision Why then, it is so important to have a vision? Many people live their life according to which she appears, almost as if the life was a lottery. Sometimes one gains and sometimes she loses herself. Nevertheless, each of us has received talents and abilities that we can explode for or ours and or of the people who surround to us. And we must make a decision about what we are going to make with those talents and abilities. We can choose to develop them and to give of ours towards the others.

When we created a vision like family, it will help us to determine goals, to put to us in agreement with a certain direction and to jeopardize to us to use our gifts and abilities. All the members of the family can work together towards an established common goal and each member of the family can contribute with its gifts and specific abilities. What is a vision? A vision begins as one devises on as our life can better get to be. It can be something smaller, like wanting to share more time and to amuse itself together. Also it can be a great vision, like the one to reach to thousands of people with a together message or to establish a familiar business. She can be something as simple as to wish that their family is a family who loves itself, amuses itself and that prospers.

In both cases the vision cannot be in the stage of being only one pretty idea. So that it is a vision, it must take the next step: The familiar vision begins with dream the next step is the one to use its senses to imagine its idea. Imagnese that its idea is happening now, not in someday of the future distant. Everything tries to imagine as if it was really happening.