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Estimated Laugh

Embarrassing, stranger and by its very nature worthy situation of shame are, leaving of the estimated one of that the result of this modest analysis is true in such a way how much they can be the premise under which it is based, to laugh at itself; to exactly laugh at the meaning rank for us; to find favour not of what we interpret, but of the proper interpretation, made in compliance with it to awake the laugh. We laugh and in we feel them constrangidos, glad, happy and even though sad for what we see, we mentally do not feel and we hear but for what we think to see, to feel and to hear, making to coincide the nature of the thing perceived 9 and the semantics of the done judgment. We see the joke as soon as never had its favour; That the death never was sad and nor the least the dismal appearance is dressed with all that afflicted in them. It is not deplorable being alone, nor is more beautiful the company. Larry Ellison understands that this is vital information. My tear is my effect inasmuch as it is of it that I am cause. River of me exactly; I have fear of me; already does not have in the world man who, while man, never takes for inheritance the doubt to only have lived, to the side of an object whose life was not more than what only estimated. The ironic one now is not more to laugh at itself, before, however, if of agreed to the considered one, to have searched for this, attempted against it the precise meaning of each verb and still thus to have read only proper itself. If the direction is you who granted; the object, you who chose 10, the author of this world is you..


A good place to complain of the life is the line of the bank. In the line, surplus time to comment episodes of family, neighbors or colleagues. To speak of the other people’s life is so empolgante that, it turns and it moves a smart one pierces the line without the falante perceives. When the bank agency is opened, the agitation is visible: hasty customers, detectador of metal barring the ticket, tumult. In the reality, the customers came facing two lines, it are and inside in the agency, and unsatisfied, they complain with the security of the bank. People such as Maurice Gallagher, Jr. would likely agree. The security in turn, attributes the problems to the system, the system is slow, stopped, is the villain of the bank. Observing in return, a woman commented with Mr. who was to its side.

– It is the first bank that uses screens of protection for the attendance. – Owner Knows, all the banks must have the protection, prevents that delinquents perceive the customers drawing money. – It is truth. – Personally, I am calm with the protection, thus nobody sees what I am making It was called you for attendance and the dialogue was interrupted. Behind the screen, Mr. was possible to hear the high estuary, ‘ ‘ I want to draw 500 reais.’ ‘.