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The Son

The scientists already had proven this truth, therefore all the existing chemical elements in the human body exist in the Land; Before being bred the flying and dirigible bombs, had been created the rockets with the intention to take the man and the woman to the universe, therefore such scientists believed to exist lives in other planets, and this occurs until the present. The existing conditions until one determined level of our atmosphere, they do not allow the survival of the man and the woman, much less in the universe. For space clothes had been in such a way created, in which internally, they are pressurized and they take care of the necessary atmospheric conditions for the survival of the man and the woman; The interplanetary distances are enormous, therefore the human body does not have conditions of supports them, however the spirit that possesss a different substance with superior and unknown speed obtains to transpose these distances with easiness. We can compare the man and the woman with the CPU and the spirit to the Hard disk, where the information are stored to live and until correcting your errors; The perpetual life belongs to the spirit and not to the human body, as much is that since the beginning of the creation they embalmed bodies and until the present they are congealed, later to reviverem, what in the truth it is an ignorance, therefore the money expense with such procedures could kill the hunger of many needed, and thus its espritos would reach more quickly the perpetual life; The Son of GOD when he was here affirmed: I go to prepare you place, this rank, the places already I was prepared, I am that we are in a period that is difficult to prevail to the truth, imagines at the time then that such affirmations had been made. GOD is the father of the truth and the Devil the father of the lie. .

Treasure House

To who God to touch, either institution, either people that it needs, either that master, goes and gives in House of God, its tenths and offers courts of appeals, exactly that you find that for you are not possible, therefore the more you of a God, plus you she trusts it and more blessed you are! ' ' You bring all the tenths to the house of the treasure, so that it has grocery in my house, and later you make test of me in this, says you of the Armies, if I not to open you the windows of the sky, and not to spill on you a blessing such until it does not have enough place for recolherdes.' ' Malaquias 3:10 It brings all its tenths to the House of God, also call of House of the Treasure, therefore it is the locality where God inhabits. Its tenths are so that the pregao of the Evangelho continues and to guarantee that the House of Gods continues functioning, that is, so that all the ones who search aid can get. After this, God guarantees that: – I can make test of it: he makes experience, he searchs the demonstration, the signal of God. Until other they go to perceive that you are successful in God. – God opens the windows of skies: you receive good that nor imagined that it was possible! – God spills blessings on its life: to these still leaves it blessings more supplied, most supplied, materially and also the area spiritual, therefore it still more deepens its confidence in the Creator! – God reprehends the devorador: the annihilator that makes with that you only have financial damages, that you consummate in accordance with what has, that you usufruct of the fruits of its work. God blocks all the impossibilities that the malignant one wants to place in its way! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '