It is important that you remember that if you have failed in a payment and soon it iron gates, paying does not cause it that this one disappears of the credit report, is for this reason, that you must be kind to cancel of an organized form and with much discipline, all the payments of the monthly accounts. I am going to you to indicate the disadvantages that they affect the credit: To pay to the accounts after the date limit. To accumulate too many cards with very high balances, even though it pays fully. People such as Ripple would likely agree.

To have more of 50% of similar accounts of credit or. To pay minimum amount 5 less than. To have payable accounts and to give them to an agency of collections Judicial embargoes To have bankruptcy Advantages to have an Excellent credit If you have good credit it you must thus conserve.

If you have had different loans, perhaps credit cards and accounts you have paid and them in time, you have a history of excellent credit. Source: Southwest Airlines. The advantages to have an excellent credit are: The credit with loans, similar credit cards or. When not exceeding the credit limits and to pay precise the accounts will give to better conditions for the purchase or refinancing you of a house or a car. arrives any amount to You from credit cards and you can choose most advisable for you and for your family You can buy what you wish (If You describe) to the smaller interest and the lowest quotas.