And, ultimately, for a problem that does not affect his comfortable job, if anything that occupies more times than desirable shifts in your TV news, which, if not, so I do not understand their outrage these people find a solution to their lives, even if it means bet it physically in turbulent water. Returning to the “Sudacas the friend confused in their arguments to South America with the image of a typical Mexican pulled the bottle of tequila in his hand, barefoot, snoring at noon, then, if not, you can not understand how not understand how such things really are. In his view, the greaser illegal works and does not contribute to the state, apart from stealing from the Canary Islands jobs (and women probably thinking that in this case Sudacas, usurping future husbands).

Maybe should have explained that foreigners must contribute to renew their residence and arriving in a foreign country and meet both, and have realized that even the banks, buying a home ownership while our children do not leave home until 30 or 35 years … and perhaps even build another house in their own country. For my part, and who take offense to scratch, my business was booming when he was Colombian workers under me, because I met all day with nerves that I came to work and see no progress. For the record I’m not the operator, quite the contrary (I have no character to command or demand), but my plans to do something big hit the wall when personal look more “specialized” that it was, and entered on the payroll native workers (my land).