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Social Security

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-to intense pains of angina pectoris, prior to a fulminant financial heart, Social insurance in Mexico must meet immediately his neurosis that affects millions of successors. The long lines at the medical clinics throughout the country exacerbate psychologically Mexicans in search of medical help that remedy them physical ills. But machismo and pedantry that has blocked the growth of nurses within the Social security clinics and hospitals so that these can have ability to prescribe drugs. Doctors, in the most of cases, see nurses as the chatter of House: only to do the dirty work as healing wounds, changing gauzes, carry the bidel, put the injection, review sera, deal with grieving relatives and therefore sensitive to treatment. The nurses who have direct contact with patients and their illnesses. They are in constant danger of contagion.

With the patient’s symptoms quickly processes the box to be treated which are right-handed in the tie bands, break light bulbs, combination of medications and the long list of tasks that perform no matter the shift or time. In Spain is already proposed to the Ministry of health take into account the nurses so that they can prescribe medications in common diseases. More advanced evils cease doctors specialized and thus could be rapid exit to torture representing to go to consultation with a medical unit of the Social Security. The environment would be another and service to the rightful claimant would grow in quality and care. When I went with my mother, she said the doctor the ball of ailments that had.

The doctor pulled the pen and wrote naproxen sodium. Not her grind, doctor. Lost make me pulse, complained my mother. Because to prescribe medicines for headaches – naproxen, diclofenac, or paracetamol – the nurses can do much better. I can assure you. The wearer changes in the Cabinet are to strengthen the bread. There is no healthy distance nor worry about pretending. Is bread a new the Government, as in yesteryear it was the PRI’s unit.