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II Kings 2? The 3 Layers? Part 2 the Second Layer – a Layer to play outside. The Layer of Bartimeu Bartimeu was unhappy, beggar, an ashamed man for its situation of misery, a man without dreams, without hope, reugnante the rejected sight and. Everything what it had for good, was that layer, that symbolized its shameful condition. This layer, says the theologians, was an authorization of the governing then so that the poor persons in misery situation, asked for aid. Today it is common to see in the great cities, the beggars leading on itself blankets. Use they it as dwelling, cover and company.

Bartimeu, conscientious of the situation that afflicted to it, knowing that it was a chance that could not leave to pass, it started to cry out. I do not want plus this layer, if Jesus to hear, I will be changed! He silences your mouth, unfortunate person, fedido! – Until he seems that Jesus to hear goes you! – Ei has 5 a thousand people more than here, because would hear It you? really, an shout only, Jesus would not hear, what Jesus heard in the way of that multitude was heart of Bartimeu. Because Bartimeu cried out with its soul. It was convicto that the layer would not use more. Bartimeu wanted to see of new. It was most important for, for this clamou. He attempts against myself for the fact that Bartimeu did not wait to be cured, to become free itself of that layer, that weighed the misery and pain. It became free itself of it, left it for the way, in the way of the multitude and was to the meeting of Jesus.

I want to see, and I saw. Jesus cured Bartimeu, that man without future, now this frees of its mark of pain. He imagines its joy to if seeing free of that layer of shame! The Third Layer? The Asked for Layer the Layer of Elias the Layer of Elias is the desired layer.