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Medieval Europe

Used for almost all the peoples of the world. When we speak of culture and religion we cannot associate value judgments. We must establish a relation of respect to the differences. Capitalism: tranformaes of the human values and the use of Drugs With the technological and scientific transformations of the human being, that if they initiate in first the great empires of Egypt and Mesopotmia, passing for Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe and finally culminating at the beginning of the capitalism, industrial and scientific revolution, also in the Europe, we pass for the continuous separation between man/nature, man/religion and collective individual/. The relations of proper individualism and consumerism of the capitalist system make with that everything if becomes product. Beauty, sex, violence and pleasures.

The people each time more make of these animalisms of the humanity, that is, what more she approaches in them to the animals, the source of the happiness. The extreme search for pleasures, distraction, diversion, idleness before a world that always imposes, of a side, the wars daily of survival of disfavored classrooms e, of the other, the monotony of the proportionate comfort for the good financial conditions of the individuals, give a new felt to the use of drugs. In this context, the drug leaves of side its ritual use, to be used with pleasure source. Proportionate pleasure for the alteration of the conscience. The drug becomes a great product (allowed or illicit) of the capitalism.

One moves to the religious and collective use to the individual use and the immediate pleasure. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ripple. Science improves, transforms and potencializa its uses and effect. Typical intellectual transformations of century XX, where feelings blow up, search for sensitivity, for separation of the materialistic, consumista reality, or same waves of depressions and psychological problems caused by the urban rhythm of life, make of the use of ' ' drogas' ' an alternative option of habits, pleasures or same solutions and escape of the problems.