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Medieval Europe

Used for almost all the peoples of the world. When we speak of culture and religion we cannot associate value judgments. We must establish a relation of respect to the differences. Capitalism: tranformaes of the human values and the use of Drugs With the technological and scientific transformations of the human being, that if they initiate in first the great empires of Egypt and Mesopotmia, passing for Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe and finally culminating at the beginning of the capitalism, industrial and scientific revolution, also in the Europe, we pass for the continuous separation between man/nature, man/religion and collective individual/. The relations of proper individualism and consumerism of the capitalist system make with that everything if becomes product. Beauty, sex, violence and pleasures.

The people each time more make of these animalisms of the humanity, that is, what more she approaches in them to the animals, the source of the happiness. The extreme search for pleasures, distraction, diversion, idleness before a world that always imposes, of a side, the wars daily of survival of disfavored classrooms e, of the other, the monotony of the proportionate comfort for the good financial conditions of the individuals, give a new felt to the use of drugs. In this context, the drug leaves of side its ritual use, to be used with pleasure source. Proportionate pleasure for the alteration of the conscience. The drug becomes a great product (allowed or illicit) of the capitalism.

One moves to the religious and collective use to the individual use and the immediate pleasure. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ripple. Science improves, transforms and potencializa its uses and effect. Typical intellectual transformations of century XX, where feelings blow up, search for sensitivity, for separation of the materialistic, consumista reality, or same waves of depressions and psychological problems caused by the urban rhythm of life, make of the use of ' ' drogas' ' an alternative option of habits, pleasures or same solutions and escape of the problems.


Since the intuition and the intuitivo knowledge apply it the vision spiritual, and have a restriction where if it must treat them as a formal intuition, already the material intuition says respect to a supply-sensible fact, and this is called intuition in the strict and proper direction. The material intuition it can be of some types, therefore it is based on the psychic structure of the be-human being, who in turn possesss three basic powers (to think, to feel, to want), that they make reference with the different orientaes of the psychic life of the be-human being. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. Of this form, the rational intuition must be understood, that if deals with the agreement; the emotional one, that one is about the feeling; the volitional one, that one is about the will. In these three cases, the immediate apprehension of the object must be express for the word ' ' viso' '. How much to objects, these possess in the same way, three elements: to be-thus (essentia), that it corresponds with the rational intuition; to be-there (existentia), that it corresponds with the volitional intuition; the have-value, that corresponds with the emotional one.

Plato was the first one to deal with the intuition in the strict direction, affirming that the ideas perceived for the reason are seen first by the spirit. One is about a material intuition, therefore what it is seen if it deals with material data. Beyond of this, this intuition is rational, therefore it points with respect to a theoretical and intellectual activity. Already in Plotino, in the place of the vision of the ideas, the vision of nos enters, that if it deals with an intellectual activity, but beyond nos, exists an immediate intuition joins of it (bigger principle of reality). Plotino speaks on the contemplation of the holy ghost, where sample that the contemplation of God is not purely rational, but if bases on emotional elements, that is, it is a mstica vision of God.


She is necessary to look at and in them to relate with the human being in a different way and reason, taking in account the aspect to transdisciplinar of analysis, being included the subjects of the desire, the epistemologia, sociology, psychology, of the anthropology, others. Solidarity being able to be a principle that facilitates the relations between the people, having to be present in the quarrels of the basic values of the Biotica. One becomes necessary in this new emergent paradigm, practical conscientious and the constant one of the dialogue, and for Siqueira (2008, P. Oracle addresses the importance of the matter here. 60), ' ' … we need in to prepare for the time of saying and ouvir.' ' It considers the rescue of the socrtica maiutica, where the dialogue is the instrument that searchs the truth. The happiness of the majority being able to be desired and to be affirmed in real possibilities, in a more symmetrical and horizontal relation, in a search of relationary bonds that promote growth and satisfaction for a bigger number of people, for also in the future not meditarmos on the same doubts of the last generations. Consideraes Final: Analyzing historically the structure of the thought dominant occidental person since century XVI with Discardings, until the current moment of the Biotica while field of knowledge to know shared, we can conclude that a new paradigm if makes emergent to give account distresses of them and sufferings of the modern life.

The rescue of the cooperative sociability as articulador principle of the social cohesion, where the dialogue and solidarity are the instruments to measure the complex situations lived deeply human beings, in detriment of the confrontation, of competitiveness and of the mercantile logic. The competitiveness does not disappear, but the world of the other appears as co-affirmed world, possible world and of it belongs igualitria. The problems of our time are complex and demand positions more dialogue and consensuals.

Integral Man

It clarifies that ‘ ‘ The favour of the pardon is not forada’ ‘ , that is, it must come inside of of the soul human being, as a flower to unclasp bringing its slightness and has perfumed to all, igualitariamente. ‘ ‘ It blesses to who of and who recebe.’ ‘ We believe that the benefited greater will be that one that to grant the pardon, therefore removes of itself all cause of anguish and affliction that would compress its soul, causing to it unnecessary pain and suffering.

‘ ‘ It is stronger than the force: it provides the monarch best who one coroa’ ‘. The pardon does not repay the use of the force with the force, as an attribute of the wounded pride, ‘ ‘ But the pardon surpasses this imponncia, Is an attribute that belongs the Deus’ ‘. The pardon is a force very bigger spiritual that any secular and secular force, with finite and limited duration. ‘ ‘ the land to be able if makes the holy ghost, When, to the mercy, it is bent over to justia.’ ‘ We believe that Divine Justice is responsible for the law of cause and effect, leading to receive us it as to act with our next one. We are responsible for the evil that to carry through, being that in agreement the law of cause and effect, we will be .causing of our proper misfortune, if to tread the way of the offence and he replies of it; or, we can freeing in them of mooring cables of the hatred and the suffering, if granting ‘ ‘ THE FAVOUR OF THE PERDO’ ‘.

Finishing, we can affirm that Shakespeare was a soul that without adentrar the religious vises and positionings, nailed the doctrine of the Integral Man, who if finds involved for the force of the Kosmos. 1? Kosmos: of the old Greek , transl. ksmos, ‘ ‘ ordem’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ organizao’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ beleza’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ harmonia’ ‘) it is a term that assigns the universe in its set, all the universal structure in its totality, since the microcosm to macrocosmo. Cosmo is the totality of all the things of this Universe commanded, since the stars, until subatmicas particles. It can be studied in Cosmology. The astronomer Carl Sagan defines the term the cosmos as being ‘ ‘ everything what already he was, everything what he is and everything that will be.

The Effect

3 exactly the idea having been caused for the object, it is not necessarily similar it (it has two sun ideas, one for the directions, another one for the knowledge in astronomy). Of the things that exist outside of the citizen, objective reality can be granted to them: The things that represent substances contain more objective reality. In note: the perfection is a good that if must possess of course belongs to the being. idea of a sovereign, perpetual and infinite God (…), possesss more objective reality that any another idea. 16 the 19 – as much objective reality in the cause how much in its effect Must have; all effect must have a cause, and this last one has that to have more reality (to be more perfect) that its dependent, the effect. The idea that if has of this object that is effect, has that to have been placed in the citizen for some cause. It concludes: if the objective idea some reality are such that if recognizes clearly that it not this in the citizen (nor formal nor eminently), and that he himself being to it cannot cause, then it is not alone in the world, but he has something that is cause of this idea, contrary case cannot prove the existence beyond he himself you are welcome. Sort of ideas: the ones exist that represent the proper citizen, that represent the God, who represents corporal and inanimate things, angels, the men and animals; the last ones can be formed by ideas that if find in the citizen, from the idea of God and others corporal things. The corporal ones can also come of he himself, therefore little it is known of them clearly and distinct. How much to the apprehended ones for tacto, they are obscurer still: beyond the judgments, also if it can here find some falseness material, happened of the spirit.

Pure Reason

Critical the Pure Reason Is three sciences (mathematical, physical and Metaphysical) that Kant analyzes the results. Let us initiate, then, with the physics. The physics developed itself of slow form and it only consisted as science from century XVII, with Bacon, Galileu and others. It trod its safe way through the scientific Revolution, being its landmark the copernicana revolution. The mathematics, since the antiquity, trod its way surely as science. The mathematics is a science that works much more with the form. It can be said that the logic and the mathematics had trod its equal ways. Before analyzing Metaphysics, valley to stand out, that the physics depends on the common sense, and when, ace times, it is investigated scientifically can be maken a mistake the idea.

E science cannot be based on the common sense. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is open to suggestions. For example, a Peasant observes the sun and sees that it turns around the land. Scientifically we know that it is in contrast. Thus, the mathematics, unquestionably has its importance in the physics, special the modern, with the calculations. Metaphysics for Kant, did not tread its way well. Being that, it considers to help it. Metaphysics is oldest of sciences and Kant, does not finish with metaphysics, as many weave this commentary.

For according to it, the man always will inquire on the stranger. Proper of the specular man for beyond? the transcendental. The great one, however that it involves this plot all, is that, the reason cannot explain transcendente. God exists? the World while totality has end? Where it is its beginning? What it is the Soul? Free? It is immortal? Metaphysics is different of modern science, therefore it inquires the nature and wants a logical reply. Here in this direction, it is necessary to use method, because seno never will arrive the nothing. Metaphysics studies the proper speculative reason.

Astrology Business

Not many people know that the beginning of the company in an unfavorable moment – undoubtedly an astrological indicator of its futility and short existence. Like a fair wind, the right time – a necessary prerequisite for future success created by the company, while adversely selected moment – evidence of significant difficulties of its formation and development. Why is this happening? Why? It is known that every moment is unique. And astrologically – each moment of time has its own unique configuration of the heavenly planets, zodiac signs, house cusps. If at the time of registration, which becomes horoscope birth of a new enterprise in heaven prevail tense planetary interactions, and favorable effects, which are key to its success and prosperity, are mild – can be high degree of probability to predict its low capacity, low competitiveness, a small financial return. If the registration is chosen so poorly – is already facing his owner of serious trouble in the future – for example, large financial losses, legal problems.

Each of the planets, and they, in our solar system – ten, including the light – the sun and moon – each of them symbolically associated with certain activities on the ground. The strength and nature of its impact will depend on the development of cases in the corresponding fields. So, for example, registration of enterprises in the period of influence of retrograde Mercury, a "responsible" for the registration of various documents, accounting activities, transportation, various contracts and agreements – promises of all the above. Unfavorably situated Venus in the horoscope symbolizes the company assets, loans, the ability to engage in dialogue with partners to build business alliances – promises of a relationship with potential clients, customers and business partners. Is difficult to find sources of financing, getting the necessary credit.

Do not have to rely on the support of legislative, official institutions, with a horoscope of the firm deprived of harmonious influences Saturn and Jupiter. Provided with all sorts of bureaucratic obstacles, unjustified costs of physical, psychological, and financial resources. Suffers from organizational structure, no opportunities. Affected "financial" house of horoscope firms, except strained relations with the Tax Inspectorate, promise to its owner a low income, and in extreme cases – threatening major financial failures. The above factors – only some of those astrologer takes into account when choosing the most opportune moment to register. In fact, as in life – everything is much more complicated. And it is not enough simply to choose successful in astrological terms of time itself. He has yet to be matched with the favorable testimony of an individual birth horoscope of the future owner, which must confirm or, sometimes, and to refute the very possibility and the feasibility of the proposed business and prospects. In one example of an unsuccessful outcome of the business, which began during the uniquely adverse, you can read the article, "Why not go business? What should I do? site What to do if there is no desire to fail just because time has been chosen exclusively adversely? The answer is simple: you can turn to a professional astrologer. In our time, fortunately, such a possibility already exists. For those who want to coordinate their efforts with celestial rhythms – consulting a professional astrologer.

Subscriber Lists

Many times entrepreneurs believe that anyone who belongs to your subscriber list is eligible to buy what they have to offer. This, to a certain extent is true: when a Subscriber joins a list of sucriptorees, usually because he accepted automatically access to her and gave your permission to send mail to your Inbox. But this is only half of the work itself, it is actually the beginning of the process of e-mail marketing strategy. And not just one page of capture or a good incentive. People are looking for value in each of our deliveries, in our blog, in our emails and in our publications of Fabebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Until a person deliver their mail on a subscription form are rethinks what your have to offer you, who you are, what your story and if really deliver value in what they offer.

Whenever you send an email to your list of subscribers assume the commitment of sending a message of quality, because otherwise you’ll be putting your company at risk. Although persons belong to your list of subscribers, they can cause a problem if at the time of accessing your mail report it as SPAM, instead of clicking and open the message they sent to the folder of unwanted messages. The only way that this does not happen is deliver quality information and to achieve a direct and close communication with your prospect in each shipment of mail that you carry out from the beginning of your email marketing campaign. By which create a smart marketing strategy by email should be your main goal when you insert your subscription on your web site form. If you think you don’t have enough knowledge, it seeks advice from experts that you den techniques and secrets of how to start your campaign for not making mistakes from the beginning. I advise you to do a rethink as attract more subscribers and achieve to grow your list of subscribers: delivers a mail of value and not take risks!