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Indigenous Movements

Indigenous Movements in the Andes: A contribution to the search for new avenues for social change. Paper for the Symposium "Beyond the Lost Decade: Indigenous Movements and the transformation of development and democracy in Latin America" Felix Princeton Naveda Igidio USA, March, 2001 2.3 Introduction This proposal seeks to bring about a way of seeing development of indigenous movements, especially in the Andean region of Latin America covering Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. For historical and geographical reasons in all three countries there Amazonian and Andean indigenous organizations. In the Amazon you can see that there is an almost homogenous control strategy for the entire regional basin, but in the Andes, is a very complex because everyone has their own characteristics and particularities are much more varied in each country. This paper is a product of work experience from the regional office of Oxfam America in South America next to the indigenous movement in this region.

Oxfam America has supported institutional strengthening initiatives of the indigenous movement in Ecuador since the early 80s. In Bolivia has supported the institutional strengthening of the Amazonian organizations, and in the Andes has followed the rebuilding initiative originating in the Ayllus organizations. In Peru was the main support (including financial) of Amazonian movement and the saw is building bridges with the Ecuadorian and Bolivian organizations through exchanges of experiences to encourage reflection on the indigenous issue, since there are very subjective conditions difficult. Two approaches and two paths: the indigenous and the class struggle.