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The benefits for the sales partners are as follows: he can independently and part-time in a home-based business which means nothing else than by home work, build up his business. No high investments and no fixed costs incurred. He has his business the opportunity to grow by gaining more distribution partners and instructs them that he himself does in things. A nationwide distribution system is built up for the manufacturing companies and achieved an enormous increase in turnover. In Europe, sales in the direct sales has doubled in the last 10 years to 16 billion euros. In the United States, the annual turnover is nearly $30 billion, and worldwide there are around 130 billion Dollaran of which 65 million people participate. So here is an established industry with potential for expansion. Win win situation between the direct sales company and a Distributor is not a relationship of dependence, but rather a Partnership from which both sides benefit.

Is to say was involved in the distribution partner for his performance in the form of commissions or bonuses to the company’s turnover a win win situation. Combination with recommendation marketing allows characterized the full-time independent existence of new trends in marketing, because fall 67% of consumer decisions for or against a product on the basis of Word of mouth. Already, 90% of customers see the best, most reliable and most trusted source of information in the recommendation from person to person. Only 14% trust advertisements in the media and 8% prominent promotional ambassadors. (NOP World / since 2005 GfK group). This trend opens up much more efficient distribution channels in the network marketing, which is used by 86% of the direct selling companies as kind of sales companies and the individual distributors. More than 80% of the persons who are self-employed in this sector to review the future of direct sales, as well as the income opportunities as extremely positive. Uwe Beck