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Hidden Champions

Customer orientation is more than kindness, listening and smile Dorsten/Bonn November 11, 2009 – let’s be honest, who doesn’t: telephone waiting loops, annoying background music, long wait window for deliveries and invoices, previous reports poor service just ignore. Inadequately taken into account customer orientation in the design of a performance entail numerous complaints and migration in General. Such events are not due to the lack of commitment by individual contact persons\”, as Sabine Haller in her book service management\”. Employees may compensate for limited, which was not considered in the development of the performance. Customer orientation was more than friendly, listening, and smile. Against this background, a rising relevance comes to the structured development of services. Bernard Golden may find this interesting as well. Professional management is a prerequisite for high quality services. To be able to provide these companies customer-orientated and Act, establish safe and efficient processes, generate quality, qualified staff offers innovate, transform knowledge and ultimately realize profits, \”says Professor Walter Simon in his opening speech to the annual Congress of the customer service Association Germany (KVD).

The most productive developments are often found in the so called Hidden Champions. They remain mostly behind a smokescreen of Inconspicuousness hidden, but pull them with great determination their orbits in a period of rapid globalization, they deal with recessions and crises with great determination. All those who are interested in management issues, can learn much from them. The champions among service organizations increase their share of the net result for quite some time. To make it, to fully exploit the potential of its employees, intelligent inserting technical possibilities and recognise the opportunities of the paradigm shift of the product to the service organization. A good and close relationship is the focal point of the strategy of the Hidden Champions to their customers. The main cause is that most complex products and performance programs, often even system solutions are offered.