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Energy Capital Invest Ended

Market leader ‘of the State’? Three funds closed, all distributions Stuttgart done, December 14, 2009. Learn more at this site: Facebook. In 2009 energy investments were investors in the course. In this segment the Stuttgart-based energy capital invest, which first brought its first investments in the market in 2008, could become probably this year was the market leader in the retail market. At least first polls under the fund companies suggest this, which specialise in the business with gas and oil investments. So the energy capital invest with three Fund holdings, two mutual funds and a private placement was able to place equity of around EUR 45 million so far in 2009.

The individual holdings to invest mainly in mineral extraction rights, so far all around the world located in the Haynesville shale, the largest gas deposits in North America and the fourth largest. In addition the first three investments were in 2009 be resolved and paid back after only about a year, instead of planned four years as well as with the maximum for the investors profit share of 56 percent. So far all Vorabausschuttungen were also made such prospects or better. This was possible through the very good access routes to attractive production units together with the associated rights, as well as the successful shopping significantly below market level. With our partners, we have built a very good position in the Haynesville shale”, declares Kay Rieck as Managing Director of the energy capital invest. This was also strengthened by the close cooperation with recognised commodity professionals who worked for large energy companies in leading positions and in the energy capital invest who see the chance of a successful partnership.

This was also the reason why among other things the former Vice, became President of Chesapeake, one of the largest natural gas companies in the United States the energy capital invest. We give our partners the possibility of an attractive profit participation. This harmony of the interests of all parties is the real key to the Success”, says Rieck. The development of the last few months shows above all that you must be extremely flexible and fast in this business: the energy capital invest focused mainly on trade in mineral extraction rights, so the concept in the course of the year has been consistently developed. In the future are not only mineral extraction rights acquired traded, the energy capital invest will be drilling and also their own areas”and achieve during the planned fund proceeds from the promotion of natural gas and oil. The energy capital invest sees itself as energy companies and not as a pure investment company. With the further development of our concept we include the entire value chain and are thus independent of third parties”, summarizes Rahim the development of last year. To meet in the future which these developments, the Swabian company has secured already a variety of investment opportunities themselves; and by appropriate advance payments, without funds have been financed. In the future, the energy capital invest at regional borders will not stop: we check currently various offers from other States, such as, for example, Texas. Through our US partners, we have excellent access to very interesting assisted areas. “, says Rieck. Also, these observations are attributed to the vision of energy capital invest: at least one wants can offer lucrative offers of participation also in the coming years.