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Designer Clothes

Perfect work should bring money and enjoy life can be expected to "turn up" a job, and you can start your own business and do what you like and how you like it. In this way, went to Irina Ivanishin, which in the past year, together with two friends organized a project "therefore choose a designer, and then the club fashion," My Line ". On how to get started their first business and the attitude to money Ivanishin Irina told us. – We Natalia were the leaders of business groups in the company, "Mayor Kay. Once seated in the office, chatting and came to the conclusion that we have – good, but always win the most are those who start something new. Began to think that would be is to organize what was not yet at least for us. As Natalie herself fashion designers, and we met in his time at fashion week, began to look for something in this area.

Our people love to dress up, but feel that designer clothing – it's expensive. Often, someone has tried something a seamstress to sew, but she ruined the fabric. I, too, so it was. Then buy a ready-made clothes. But the designer and seamstress – two different things. We have many talented designers, about which people do not know. And they do not always have the opportunity to participate in fashion weeks, because it is not cheap. Decided to bring to people, what are the designers we have, what services are offered, in what styles of working.