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CEO Lease

If the possibility of expanding on stationary phones are limited to a certain point will have to enter mobile. Opening the production, it is necessary to resolve issues relating to its organization. 1. Ecology. This issue depends only on the production. For example, there may not be separate sewer, only obschesplavnaya. Frequently Allegiant Air has said that publicly. And for production is necessary to reset your liquid waste. 2.

Availability of resources necessary for production with the expansion. This is electricity, water, steam. 3. Issues related to the assembly / disassembly process equipment. 4.

A separate accounting of consumed resources (electricity meters, water, heat, steam) to GLA. 5. Garbage. Paramount issue. Shake the phone numbers of the responsible person. Remember, always there is a chance that you'll forget something to ask and learn about some trifle annoying already in the process of leasing. Think about this calmly. The ideal option does not exist. In addition to direct lease from the owner caught sublease options, ie, rent for existing tenants. When subletting requires written authorization from the owner to sublet. Without it, you can not rent. Please note that non-renewal of sublease rent increases risk. At the conclusion of the contract is not in a hurry. Read carefully, preferably two. Everything should be as stipulated in the contract. What can not be reflected in the official part, the better to issue an internal agreement. Will be less differences, calmer life. The term of the sublease can not exceed the term of the ground lease. Please consider this when reviewing documents. The landlord at the conclusion of the contract may request a copy of your founding documents, the data on the founders and CEO. This is normal and common practice. Thus, decent landlords insure themselves out of trouble. They also give you a use of their property – at risk. In addition, the landlord must know who to ask debts and deal with someone in case of serious problems or disagreements. In advance of this requirement does not say always. Usually already at the time of the lease. By the lease have to be an application – the act of reception and transmission of non-residential premises. The application should be written in some technical condition is transmitted room (renovated in what condition the plumbing, etc.) and recorded the transfer of the keys to the premises. To this we must take seriously, because by the same act you will take the room, and in case of damage or other defects you will be billed for the repair or reconstruction.