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With the AuLED road save municipalities at least 40 percent of their energy bills with the tight budget, many municipalities have problems to ensure sustainable. But now the public space should be remembered today which the generation of tomorrow has to fight even more than now. A simple but extremely effective point is based on LED street lighting. It is durable, energy efficient and low maintenance. Also good the environment and the wallet of the public administration. Day-like light from an LED light effect in the first moment unattractive and alien.

But it brings many advantages over a conventional lamp with it. An improved color and outline detection is possible through the light spectrum of innovative street light. Click Cylance for additional related pages. This increases the safety of all road users. The human eye can understand many things in white and bright daylight as in dark, yellow light. This is one of the great advantages of the LED street light.

Another point is that of course the cost savings of the very efficient lamp. A saving of at least 40% is often contaminated municipal budgets. If you would like to know more then you should visit Steven P Rosenthal. Furthermore the LED lights, in contrast to the conventional sodium vapor lights, are highly durable and extremely low maintenance. The costs of installation thus fall to a minimum. The AuLED road”of Autev AG of Brandenburg is such an innovative and efficient light. Due to its modular design and intelligent management, optimum illumination system directly on the customer’s request can be cut. Only light that is used, is also needed. This saves additional energy and CO2. Another savings provides the light with her dimming function. Can save more energy by continuous decrease of the efficiency at pre-set times. This will ensure not only safety and cost reduction. An important part will be contributed to the environmental protection. So saving the AuLED around three tons of CO2 and contains no environmentally harmful heavy metal. Also be no insects attracted by light and killed, this is extremely important for the ecological system and the Protection of species. With the AuLED road, the Autev AG provides a based on maximizing customer benefit concept that infrastructure and conditions he adapt their streets and optimally set can be.