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Bobingen Kaltenbach

At a sales seminar from Kaltenbach training technical seller training rapidly and purposefully to lead customers to the purchase decision. “Sales strategies for winning more orders on better terms.” This is the title of an open seminar, which carries out the training and consultancy Kaltenbach training on 22 and 23 October in Bobingen (Aalen). “There explains the specialized technical sales trainer and consultant Walter Kaltenbach that customers at the end of the meeting almost automatically tell the participating component and sellers, as they quickly build up a personal relationship with customers and to lead their sales pitches,: I want that.” In the two-day seminar, the participants train to determine among other things: what kind of a me faces? And: what is important to the customer? “The participants train this knowledge so to use that for others the feeling: this provider offers me the most”, and: this is an attractive partner.” Particular attention shall Walter Kaltenbach in the seminar on determining the red buttons’ customer so the factors that are really relevant to the purchase decision. If sellers know this, then they can cause targeted their customers purchase decision? Walter Kaltenbach, that what really counts in the sale of the book is”wrote, convinced. For more information see this site: Larry Ellison. Intensively, the participants in the seminar also train early to detect possible objections that may endanger the completion, and to invalidate. “Another topic focus is: How do I perform in the course of the conversation the customer important decisions of part of, so that the Yes” to purchase ultimately is a logical consequence of the part of decisions already taken? “The participation in the seminar sales strategies for winning more orders at better prices” on 22/23 October, requires an investment of 690 euro (plus VAT). For more information interested in Bobingen Kaltenbach training (Tel.: 07173/60 39;) E-Mail:; Internet:). If desired Walter Kaltenbach also in-house conducting the seminar.