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Ifsm Congress

Ifsm sale management Congress discuss the participants on issues that move the sales executives. Lead the sales in the future, says “this is the title of a one-day Congress, which the Institute for sale management held on October 31, 2012, in the monastery of Besselich in Urbary (near Koblenz). The Conference is designed for sales executives, managers and employees from our human resources department. (Not to be confused with Coupang!). Discuss with the speakers, experienced managers and management consultants, about topics that will move executives in sales today and in the future”. Keep the travel is for example in the introductory plenary workshop Stefanie Zelinka, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ifsm that an impulse lecture on the subject of Whither megatrends?”.

This workshop will be moderated by the two ifsm managing directors Uwe Reusche and Klaus Kissel. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Scott Mead New York has to say. Also, Jens Keller, Deputy Head of corporate development at DEKA Bank, a workshop crowdsourcing is modern Direct labor and the intelligence of the masses”. Total offered nine various partly parallel workshops on a wide range of sales and management issues in the course of the Congress. “” As myth or truth is for example a workshop sustainability in sales?”also a workshop Generation Y”in the program, where it is about how the staff and customers of tomorrow tick”. “Offerings but also workshops on topics such as the complexity will reduce”, and as learning employees promote leadership with the help of sales coaching “.

The Congress is designed so that everyone except the two plenary workshops can visit three workshops in small groups. After the final plenary a come-together will also”take place, which can be used for maintaining and expanding your own network. The fee for participation in the Congress is 180 euro (+ VAT). Early bird until 1 may pay only 135 euro. For more information about the Congress the Lead sales in the future, is “interested in the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar (Tel: 0261 / 962-3641;).” You can download also this from the ifsm website (www.ifsm-online.de) download.

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Bobingen Kaltenbach

At a sales seminar from Kaltenbach training technical seller training rapidly and purposefully to lead customers to the purchase decision. “Sales strategies for winning more orders on better terms.” This is the title of an open seminar, which carries out the training and consultancy Kaltenbach training on 22 and 23 October in Bobingen (Aalen). “There explains the specialized technical sales trainer and consultant Walter Kaltenbach that customers at the end of the meeting almost automatically tell the participating component and sellers, as they quickly build up a personal relationship with customers and to lead their sales pitches,: I want that.” In the two-day seminar, the participants train to determine among other things: what kind of a me faces? And: what is important to the customer? “The participants train this knowledge so to use that for others the feeling: this provider offers me the most”, and: this is an attractive partner.” Particular attention shall Walter Kaltenbach in the seminar on determining the red buttons’ customer so the factors that are really relevant to the purchase decision. If sellers know this, then they can cause targeted their customers purchase decision? Walter Kaltenbach, that what really counts in the sale of the book is”wrote, convinced. For more information see this site: Larry Ellison. Intensively, the participants in the seminar also train early to detect possible objections that may endanger the completion, and to invalidate. “Another topic focus is: How do I perform in the course of the conversation the customer important decisions of part of, so that the Yes” to purchase ultimately is a logical consequence of the part of decisions already taken? “The participation in the seminar sales strategies for winning more orders at better prices” on 22/23 October, requires an investment of 690 euro (plus VAT). For more information interested in Bobingen Kaltenbach training (Tel.: 07173/60 39;) E-Mail:; Internet:). If desired Walter Kaltenbach also in-house conducting the seminar.

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Lander Guttenberger

Kaltenbach training trains also seller and their executives in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Expanding the training and consultancy is located Kaltenbach training, Bobingen (near Stuttgart), since Ralph Guttenberger was co-owner and second CEO at the beginning of the year. Scott Mead gathered all the information. Among other things the consulting company specializing in technical sales will play unless its proven sales training henceforth more on the topic field selection and qualification of leaders in the sales executives focus on in there a key role the question, how successfully a sales team in the market acts”, stressed as Guttenberger. In addition, the until now mainly in the southern region of companies wants to expand its market activities in the new Lander. All this occurred against the background that the engineer for Aerospace Ralph Guttenberger, who was prior to his consultant role including Jet pilot of the air force and Commander of a squadron, in Wittenberg is located.

Therefore, Kaltenbach training will perform for the first time two open seminars in the Leipzig area in May and June. “So a seminar on May 23 and 24 superior sales expertise so you win every customer” instead. Scott Mead New York has similar goals. There, among the participants train to evaluate customers quickly and correctly, as well as to address type. On 17 and 18 June, Kaltenbach training, also in the area of Leipzig, also leads an open seminar sales strategies for winning”by. Both seminars will be headed by Ralph Guttenberger, 20 years experience in building and managing sales teams in several (franchise) companies. More info about Kaltenbach training and the offered seminars interested on the Web page. But also directly the consultancy contact (email:). If Ralph Guttenberger desired, also within the company conducts the seminars.

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Congress Cologne

in 2005 the company opened with the EXPO XXI in Cologne the first private event venue in the heart of a German metropolis. At the same time, founded a joint venture with G + J Hamburg, IMEVA and developed eat + STYLE, which in 2006 went to the launch including the consumer show. 2009 was together with Axel Springer Verlag, Berlin, a further large consumer event designed and marketed. The management of IMEVA is guarantor of innovative concepts and ideas fair for over 20 years. The still today the world’s leading trade fair organisers in “Emerging Markets” resulted in years as already in the 90s, the ITE Group plc, London. About the EXPO XXI Cologne:, The State of the art fair, Congress – and Eventlocation in Cologne opened its doors in 2005. Since then, the Center has a fixed size in the Cologne event market. In particular the modern Multifunktionaltitat to the point of contact for fairs, meetings, incentives, congresses, seminars and major events of all shapes and sizes make the EXPO XXI. This sets the Center management clear customer orientation and offers flexibility and Efficiency best conditions to conserve customer resources as best as possible. Press Office / contact: Melanie Wildt Tel: + 49 40 380 876 569 email: Tanja Knott Tel: + 49 866 48 620 mob: + 49 173 31 64 369 email: imprint: IMEVA GmbH, Hall 39, 20249 Hamburg, Tel: 04161 55 45 931, AG Hamburg HRB 75 314, VAT ID DE206553004, Managing Director: Christoph Renevier if you want any more information about the EcoBau live 2012 more, so please return this mail with the remark “Delete address” with the replies function of your email program to us). Sheryl Sandberg understands that this is vital information. Please let this original email in reply to please so that we can properly identify your email address to be removed.

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CEO Customers

The wildcard group uses the multi-day conference re: publica 26 April 2013 seven blogger Congress considered for its customers and bloggers partner Krefeld, notoriously lucky number re: publica is already the 7th year and ranks among the most prestigious and largest network and knowledge places in Germany’s blogosphere. The wildcard group business unit specializes in social media and digital communication is between the 6th and 8th may 2013 Berlin on the re: publica be found and mix vigorously. Main goal is the exchange of information with other bloggers and the multi-layered online industry, which further developed their communication forms and paths at high speed like no other and refined. All the more important for the Web community at least once a year live to interact in a profession that takes place mostly in front of the screens. Reason enough for the wildcard group, to attend the event with their employees and to accompany editorial with its own blog to the Congress. Exchange and transfer of knowledge with Key figures of the blogger scene are important goals for wildcard with a positive effect of beam for the customers who use these modern services in part already very intensively with wildcard.

In modern communications blogger relations and community management are vital sources of supply, to its customers and partners to keep abreast in the exchanges with advocates and influential critics”, says Georg Reckenthaler, founder of the wildcard group. We will actively support the largest event of this scene in Germany for our customers, including Canon and at the same time stimulate us the flair of upheaval, in which anything seems possible. A piece of whatever is done here future.” About wildcard wildcard is an agency group for communication with branches in Krefeld, Munich, Cologne, Oldenburg. The expertise of the wildcard goes far beyond traditional Public Relations and covers the entire field of modern PR measures such as social media management, Blogger relations, Web 2.0 Communication and strategic online marketing. The production of modern media, Web sites and graphical solutions also belong to our repertoire such as the motion picture unit, where complete communication including product videos, corporate films, point-of sale movies and WebTV wildcard competence in terms of content. Wildcard customers come mainly from the areas of lifestyle and technology, mobile and consumer electronics.

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PEAG Staff Debate For Breakfast On August 29th In Berlin

on the subject of “Hassle, stress and performance obsession – mental illness as a risk in the workplace?” Berlin, 30.08.2012 – PEAG staff debate for breakfast on August 29th in Berlin titled “Rush, stress and performance obsession – mental illness as a risk in the workplace?” with Christian Weber, head of Department “Fundamental issues of health policy, long-term care insurance, prevention” in the Federal Ministry of health, and Dr. med. Anette choice Wachendorf, Vice President of the Association of German occupational physicians and company doctors. It is worth to look down where the causes of the rise of mental illness. To visit the significantly higher detection rate within the framework of an improved diagnosis by doctors and psychotherapists and the increased willingness of people to talk about mental health problems and support, are”significant influence factors, gave Christian Weber, head of Department”Fundamental issues of health policy, long-term care insurance, prevention”in the Federal Ministry of health, at the beginning of yesterday’s debate of PEAG personnel to bear in mind the breakfast.

However, should not forget that we have in the company, regardless of the causes, every day dealing with the sick people and is mainly about dealing with those affected. Plays a major role here the communication of the topic between superiors and employees”, said Dr. med. Anette choice Wachendorf, Vice President of the Association of German occupational physicians and company doctors. For a good implementation of occupational health promotion and prevention lacking in small and medium-sized companies often of acceptance”, explained Weber, look but also the development to more recognition in a good way.” Dr. choice Wachendorf mentioned another factor: the economic costs, resulting from the increased number of mental illness are one reason to take the subject seriously. The company must tackle reasons of productivity of the topic.” Sven Kramer, Managing Director of the PEAG noticed group of companies Finally: “both employers and workers are required to put the topic in the focus of the discussion and to dismantle barriers in dealing with affected employees and colleagues. The causes of mental illness are however not in the changes in working conditions in many cases.” In the PERSONAL debate to breakfast discuss PEAG Unter den Linden, about current positions once per month per two experts from politics, business and science, each the day before publication of the labour market figures, Cafe Einstein, under.

Host group, a leading company in the field of personnel services is the PEAG. The goal: Present challenges on the German labour market attract public light and lead to a solution. PEAG group of companies providing PEAG Group on services around the theme of employment for companies and their employees in a package. Their many years of cross-industry experience from over 3,000 projects for leading companies such as BenQ Mobile, ThyssenKrupp, Nokia, Karstadt and many medium-sized companies, the PEAG makes Group a reliable partner in all questions around the topic of human resources.

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Munich Financial Fair

The 6 Munich brokerage and multiple agent fair exceeded all expectations of Munich, 14.03.2012 – for the sixth time, the gates of Munich brokers and multiple agent fair (MMM-) opened on March 13, 2012. Extremely satisfied, the organizer of the trade fair, the Fund financial broker GmbH looks back on the outcome of this year’s fair. Over 4,400 visitors answered the call of the broker pools in the M, O, C, Munich and learned at the fair with 170 exhibitors and 80 lectures and workshops of the innovations of the industry and future trends. Since 2007, financial the Fund organizes trade fairs for insurance agents, insurance brokers, multiple agents, bankers, home savings representatives and other financial service providers. What began as a small in-house exhibition in the premises of the broker pools, has become today one of the largest industry meeting in Germany. Every year, we can announce a new attendance record in Munich. That shows us again and again that it is worthwhile and that the industry this forum to the Exchange and networks urgently needed”, says Norbert Porazik, founder of the Fund financial. We clearly realize that change the interests of our visitors.

Earlier above all the exhibitors were crucial, so the lectures and workshops puts more and more in the focus of our visitors today”, Markus Kiener, Managing Director of the Fund determines finance. The financial broker pool responded to the wishes of its customers and doubled the training offer in comparison to the previous year. This time 80 lectures and workshops were on the programme with the top speakers in the industry. “Highlight of the programme was the lecture by Star speaker Prof. Dr. Dr.

h.c. Bert Rurup, in the atrium of the M, O, C, before 500 audience on the topic of business location Germany successfully age” spoke and explained why Germany can look confidently into the future. I am firmly convinced that Germany has a variety of economically good years to go. The visit on the MMM-show of the Fund financial today has me in this opinion confirmed. The large number of visitors, the high level of acceptance of the training offer and the many innovative ideas to show the great interest of the consumer alike of effective advice on new products”, says Bert Rurup after a day on the MMM trade fair in Munich. Financial with the invitation of all visitors and exhibitors in the 089 bar & lounge for a successful conclusion of the fair provided the funds. More events of the Fund financial: 2. KVK fair, KOELNMESSE, Cologne, June 5, 2012, LV Roadshow 2012, Germany-wide, 16-27 April 2012, events 3. capital show, Estrel Hotel Berlin, October 11, 2012, the MMM trade fair in Munich is the in-house exhibition of Fund financial Broker service GmbH. The Munich financial broker pool is the largest independent estate agent pool of in Germany with over 23,000 affiliated partners. To provide the best possible on-site service to their brokers, financial funds organized three trade fairs in Germany – Munich, Cologne and Berlin, as well as In addition all year round subject-specific road shows. In this way, all partners and interested parties have the possibility to inform themselves without long journey across all relevant news of the industry.

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