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3 Total (administrative costs). What can be taken as a relative constant. For example, advertising, payroll, rent, transportation, communication, etc. Phil Vasan may also support this cause. 4. Taxes, payment of the body loan and interest thereon. Revenue side should be determined based on the results of marketing research, while not forgetting about the production capacity or optimum loading personnel.

Make a sign. Top Line – Lower revenues – costs If you can make a monthly chart – 70% of the financial plan is ready. It is clear that an inexperienced person, and zabyvshemu Over the years, the school mathematics course, all these formulas present value, rate of return or payback calculation may seem scary. A requirement for a full financial business models, with their tables and graphs, all reminiscent of Japanese Kabuki theater, where all beautiful, but absolutely nothing is not clear. In fact, all these seemingly scary formulas are a number of elementary operations (addition, multiplication, division). Nothing more.

Of course, in financial management and lack of complicated things. But for what would convey to the investor's understanding of the project, its cost, profitability and return on investment, is quite enough and above (IRR, NPV, ARR, PI, PB). All very simple. By compiling the pre-investment documentation is same. Enough to start at least acquainted with the methodological recommendations of the Tacis, go through the points of a typical content of a business plan in a standard BFM Group, or read the works of W. Behrens, and P. Havraneka. For example, the "Guide to preparation of industrial feasibility studies "(the very thing that someone's with a light hand used to call the standard UNIDO).