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Architectural Design

Prototyping process starts with thinking through ideas. What do you want to show? Why do you mock? Knowledgeable engineers will advise and help to make the choice. According to sketches, drawings, sketches, and will subsequently generated layout. Computer visualization by using professional software – AutoCad, CorelDraw, 3D studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and other 3d-modeling helps very clear idea of the construction site, in reality, provides an opportunity to objectively evaluate the entire project in three dimensions. Architectural models, as well as their creation is one of the most difficult tasks that require careful design, and one hundred percent compliance with existing design documentation, as their purpose – to display the concept of development, to give an objective picture of how aesthetic object "fits" in proximity to other buildings, surrounding landscape, roads and forests. In order to focus attention on important elements of the architecture and style of urban layouts, internal illumination is used.

Layouts of homes able to demonstrate functionality of the object, to reflect in detail the infrastructure development district, with a special need, the layout of the house is equipped with a sliding roof, to demonstrate the internal layout of premises. Podmaketnik fully display all the landscape features – canals and ponds, sidewalks, and roundabouts, lighting masts, and forests. As a separate issue to consider making layouts. Today, for a such a complex and painstaking process used only high quality materials – MDF, PVC, and polystyrene, with particularly strong adhesive bonding strength, mastics and putties. Adhesive film with a glossy or matte finish will highlight all the features of the adjacent landscape, and, say, the same flock film is often used to simulate grass. Lightweight and yet strong aluminum profiles give the rigidity of the assembly. For lighting, usually used halogen lamps, fluorescent lights, sometimes – the light-emitting diodes – an electrified model gives a colorful performance of future project. Plexiglas as polystyrene are in great demand in prototyping. Reproduced in detail the original layout of houses and buildings provide a complete picture of the future construction and capable of accurately reflect the binding to the surrounding objects.