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Architectural Design

Prototyping process starts with thinking through ideas. What do you want to show? Why do you mock? Knowledgeable engineers will advise and help to make the choice. According to sketches, drawings, sketches, and will subsequently generated layout. Computer visualization by using professional software – AutoCad, CorelDraw, 3D studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and other 3d-modeling helps very clear idea of the construction site, in reality, provides an opportunity to objectively evaluate the entire project in three dimensions. Architectural models, as well as their creation is one of the most difficult tasks that require careful design, and one hundred percent compliance with existing design documentation, as their purpose – to display the concept of development, to give an objective picture of how aesthetic object "fits" in proximity to other buildings, surrounding landscape, roads and forests. In order to focus attention on important elements of the architecture and style of urban layouts, internal illumination is used.

Layouts of homes able to demonstrate functionality of the object, to reflect in detail the infrastructure development district, with a special need, the layout of the house is equipped with a sliding roof, to demonstrate the internal layout of premises. Podmaketnik fully display all the landscape features – canals and ponds, sidewalks, and roundabouts, lighting masts, and forests. As a separate issue to consider making layouts. Today, for a such a complex and painstaking process used only high quality materials – MDF, PVC, and polystyrene, with particularly strong adhesive bonding strength, mastics and putties. Adhesive film with a glossy or matte finish will highlight all the features of the adjacent landscape, and, say, the same flock film is often used to simulate grass. Lightweight and yet strong aluminum profiles give the rigidity of the assembly. For lighting, usually used halogen lamps, fluorescent lights, sometimes – the light-emitting diodes – an electrified model gives a colorful performance of future project. Plexiglas as polystyrene are in great demand in prototyping. Reproduced in detail the original layout of houses and buildings provide a complete picture of the future construction and capable of accurately reflect the binding to the surrounding objects.

Product Design and Performance

Thirty-five of experience in domestic submersible electric vibration, "brook" permanent work on improving product design and performance, the use of new modern materials, meeting safety standards, helped to create an original design of the pump brook for the most demanding to the quality of the consumer. During the entire period of the life of mankind people have experienced need for water, which is not surprising, because the water is for the most essential factor of human existence. For many centuries the best minds of humanity solved the problem of getting water from the depths land. Make water readily available and at the same low-cost to the public and many are now trying to pump company in Russia, CIS and foreign countries. Specialised pumping of OAO "Livgidromash" (G.Livny, Orel region), helps to solve this difficult task with a small, quite unpretentious, but the energetic pump "brook" Household Vibration submersible pump brook (Livna), used for pumping and lifting water from wells and wells with nominal width exceeding 100 mm., with a depth of 60 meters, as well as for pumping fresh water from any water bodies, water temperature not exceeding 35 0C. Brook pump can be used for drinking water homes, cottages, farms, utilities and industrial facilities. For watering gardens and orchards, as well as for domestic water supply. Brook pump provides water to the horizontal distance of over 100 m.

The brook Submersible Pump constructively with the top of the fence is made of water, which provides constant cooling of the electromagnetic system, protecting it from overload. The upper water intake eliminates cloudy water in the spring and suction from the bottom solids (silt, sand, kamyshkov …) Each pump brook runs full acceptance testing by the manufacturer of "Livgidromash" and does not need to be checked for serviceability and compliance specifications when purchasing it in the trading organization. Warranty pump brook – 18 months from the date of the sale! The design allows the pump brook work without supervision. The electric pump has a certificate of brook Conformity of Russia ROSS RU. AYA45.V04300 and meets regulatory requirements of GOST R IEC 60335-2-41-98, GOST R 51318.14.1-99, GOST R 51318.14.2-99. Currently on the market of household products present a pumping mass similar goods, as well, and of dubious quality. Private buyer always has a choice – "What pump to buy him? Cheaper or more expensive? ". It is difficult to give any advice, but in most cases, a Russian proverb – "Miserly pay twice" is right as right, it is often true of buying a pump for irrigation on the plot.

According to independent experts, giving an estimate of production, household electric pump, "brook" VWD 0,12-40, production JSC "Livgidromash" (g.Livny, Orel region) is one of the best in quality, reliability and compliance with the parameters set out in his passport and actually issued to the pump. This year, the submersible electric pump home "Brook" VWD 0,12-40 production of JSC "Livgidromash" became the winner of the "100 best goods of Russia", and this is not the first, and hopefully not the last award of such rank, awarded by our little toiler your backyard site. Scheme of the assembly and construction of pump brook offer wholesale domestic pump a trickle (Beer), the low prices of domestic DEALER on Pump Livgidromash. Warranty and service.

Power Engineering

Compressed air as an energy carrier and the carrier has quite a wide application – from inflating tires and paint work to drive various pneumatic tools and machinery, the list is extensive and varied. Therefore, the proposal compressors – machines for production of compressed air – so many faces and varied that sometimes it is difficult to understand what the cases in which compressors are used. Conventionally we divide all the compressors in categories based on their reliability and working time. From this we get three classes of compressors: 1 class – the so-called consumer class – the smallest of compressors. This reciprocating compressors, as a rule, combined with an electric motor coaxially through the sleeve. Power consumption – 2.2 kW, pressure – up to 8 atm. Intended only for occasional use, duration of less than 10 minutes to an hour (otherwise If they overheat and are easily damaged).

This compressor is good in the garage for tire inflation, painting, blowing, and nothing more. In general, this group represented compressors Chinese, Indian, Italian production, firms FIAC, FINI, ABAC, as well as Russian and Belarusian plant ASO-Remeza. Grade 2 – semi-compressors (with the same success they can be called polubytovymi). Reciprocating compressors with belt drive, compression unit (compressor head) – or of iron (this is preferable), or aluminum alloy. These machines are already allowed to receive up to 16 atm pressure, the performance of up to 2 m3/min. Ill-suited to round the clock work. These compressors can not operate for more than 6 minutes of a 10-ti.Na compressors market are mainly Italian, Belarusian and Russian production.

Examples-series compressors Aircast (with cast iron head) manufactured in Belarus, compressors ASO – Russian. The next group (Grade 3) – compressors industrial performance, designed for round the clock operation. Industrial piston compressors produce, for example, a company BOGE Kompressoren (Germany) (Supplier-Company Power Engineering), Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser. From domestic manufacturers include such plants as "compressor plant" (Krasnodar) and wrestler (supplier-company Power Engineering), "Uralkompressor", "Penzkompressormash." The advantage of these machines – especially the high efficiency and reliability, the ability to work around the clock. Use – all applications with the highest category Reliability – medicine, rescue, and industrial production. In recent years a proliferation of industrial screw compressors (using a compression chamber piston principle does not work, and rotating rotors). Their advantage is – high efficiency, low metal consumption, high reliability, low noise and vibration, low oil carry-over with an electronic control system, the simplicity and ease of operation, the maximum suitability for long-term continuous operation.


By pyady napametrov blocks of keramsit npiblizhayutcya to blokam aerated concrete (for their creation of keramsit pastvop nepemeshivayut with chastichkami vcnenennogo nolictirola). The walls of nix ochen legkie (weight metpa square wall – about 85 kg) tenlye and quiet, but high-rises are not nostpoish – y material nedostatochnaya nlotnost. Blocks of polystyrene and keramsit coedinyat better with each other not pactvopom cement and adhesive komnozitsiey, so that bolee minimalnaya paznitsa in size kachectvennyx blocks legkostyu nozvolyaet IT'S cdelat. We value the same for soedineniya blocks of keramsit isnolzovat concrete mortar in the wall are played so voznikat nazyvaemye bridges Kholodov of za togo, chto pactvop, npimenenny for ckpenleniya blokov, and the blocks of keramsit penopolistirolbetona and have different tenlonpovodnost. If aerated tpebyet factory conditions, the porous claydite npedoctavlyaet vozmozhnost to the plug npigotovlenie npyamo nA stpoitelnoy nloschadke.

This ysneshno nolzyyutsya nekotopye Construction fipmy that yvy not vcegda nolozhitelno skazyvaetcya at the end kachestve npodykta. Prepare nopicty claydite of tex komnonentov same as usual, only bez lime nepemeshivaya pactvop keramsit with nodgotovlennoy nenoy (neny, nodavaemyyu of nenogenepatopa, cmeshivayut with syximi komnonentami or NO bapotexnologii when nolnostyu gepmetichnom smecitele nod izbytochnym davleniem npi nodache vozdyxa npoisxodit nopizatsiya mix). What osnovnoy minys vsex blokov of yacheictogo keramsit? In their high otnocitelno gigpockonichnocti. Porous concrete at menshey steneni, aerated concrete – more, Nr both matepiala vlagy vnityvayut, noetomy domam of yacheictogo keramsit neobxodima finish and good gidpoizolyatsiya npi create tsokolya. What kacaetcya other characteristics, the cellular claydite has low thermal conductivity, high fire resistance and moisture resistance. Considering the low weight and relatively high strength characteristics of porous keramsit, the popularity of its use in civil and industrial construction is evident.

Modern Building

To date, advanced technologies are everywhere. Modern equipment and accessories are available at various factories and companies, hospitals, maternity hospitals use the latest, and sometimes expensive equipment, Internet and Satellite TV is available than ever before and are available for all. More and more people uses mobile phones and various ipad-s" to visit the "World Wide Web", and satellite navigation system will not surprise anybody. Koreans and U.S. citizens on implementing ideas that are currently difficult to even imagine – have become popular vehicles for various nebenzinovyh engines, for example in air.

Did not escape the latest developments and the construction and materials. This is most applicable to the special construction equipment: various types of cranes, tower cranes, excavators and rollers. Civil engineers in the design of the project also use modern computers and software. However, this does not mean that the construction of buildings all automated, we must remember that the important work of the builder of large, equally as the role of standard equipment, specifically, it can be replaced by current models, but from the inventory of qualified builder some material in any case will not go away. Abrasives course undoubtedly belong to these things. These materials are needed to handle a variety of items, for polishing, abrasive and is a material with sufficiently high hardness. Proceedings of the abrasive – is familiar to us all things: grinding wheels, sticks, sand paper.

In accordance with one of the classifications they fall into by nature and man: The first group, for example, quartz, and the latter – different alloys and artificial materials. There is also a huge variety of types of grinders. We should also note that the pass decade, and one of the oldest types of stroyrabot – welding, does not lose its relevance. The equipment in this area has not undergone any change visually over the past half century. Welding electrodes are also common. Used as evidence of these examples, we conclude that, along with new technologies should be used and more "old" materials.