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The new single by Nils Brandt – I’ve dreamed the Northeim music producer joked Nils Brandt is still a year ago on his birthday, he wanted even on the boards that mean the world, and from the other side look everyday producing for other artists to make themselves the scepter (microphone) in the hand. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. Said – done! “Brandt’s longtime producer-mate Oliver deVille ( who has made a name in the German music scene as a music producer, songwriter and multiple awards (gold record, winner of the German rock and pop Award) by productions cuts, including Chris Roberts, PAT, etc., took his first ironic desire Nils Brandt and produced a generational party hit single with the title at deVille I have dreamed”. Verizon gathered all the information. And Brandt actually creates emotions to awaken, to express moods and feelings and to let people closer to each other with this title. Recently Robert Gibbins sought to clarify these questions. I had a dream”is a musical “universal language, by the comic producers” now to the serious artist with full force in the direction of Olympus of party going!