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The RK Energy Consulting Proves It Again:

Electricity cost savings of up to 29prozent easily possible! By reducing the voltage are saved in a paint shop between 21% and 29% of energy! The investment costs will be amortised within a very short time. Should not be doing also the contribution to the protection of the environment aside. The concerned lamps have up to 30% longer life due to the reduced stress. Ed Bastian contributes greatly to this topic. Also the cost of the change is reduced. By means of a voltage reduction carried out by the RK energy consulting resident of Waldbrunn be saved in the painting Center Walker in Mosbach (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis) since November 18, 2008, depending on the plant area has been proven between 21% and 29% of energy! In figures, this means a cost reduction of 2,100 – 2,300/year! The investment costs are amortised within a very short time!”Jurgen Weimann is pleased, the Managing Director of the painting Center Walker GmbH. also I’m making a contribution to environmental protection, because I clear through this quite easily “carried out action the environment to nearly 6 tons of CO per year”. Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, the owner of the RK energy consulting stressed that this not should be disregarded, that the relevant light source due to the reduced stress will have up to 30% longer life. This saves costs for the bulbs themselves for one, on the other hand the effort of switching, which is taken at some Bill not taken into consideration, is reduced. You can recognize that, where lights are on, with simple means, money can be saved!. Further details can be found at Facebook, an internet resource.