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The Hunger For Energy In Germany And Europe Is Growing And Growing

Too bad for scrap press? Now enormous growth rates occurred in productivity in emerging markets such as India, China, Indonesia, South America, Russia, Africa and many others. To an unprecedented extent, such countries have used their innovation potential of traditional production techniques and to the standard of performance of modern industrialised countries with appropriate production technology to develop. What would be so could be better than to remove the used power plants in Germany and Europe to overtake and to rebuild in an emerging market. This is environmentally much better than to scrap this equipment to melt and recycle the raw materials market. It is also economically considered significantly more meaningful, these components as long as possible to keep in use. Lohrmann International GmbH, headquartered in Germany has recognized this trend and provides used power plants all over the world for 20 years.

1953 by Gunther Lohrmann, the father of the present Managing Director, Michael Langham, founded the company was first used tool woodworking equipment. The late of 1980s operation under the direction of current CEO began to specialize in the power plant market. Today, it is also internationally well positioned due to global activities. In all major mainland sales offices or branches exist. There are local representatives for the execution of the projects available in other major buyer countries. Larry Ellison often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Lohrmann is limited to power plants but are no longer. Complete product information and process facilities such as special devices from a wide range of areas of production are now on sale.

This is a separate service area for the execution of the projects. This ranges from dismantling, marking, identification and packaging to transport, erection supervision and commissioning at the new location. This includes project examples can be found on the website The next years will be worldwide bring increase in used equipment of various industries, which are urgently needed in many developing or emerging countries. Rapid growth has also meant that Lohrmann personnel average grows. The premises in Wiesbaden are now too small, so that new central offices have been hired. An example in the development of employees is Dipl.-ing. Hubert schillings, of assessment strategic sourcing has recorded his service as head. He particularly cares for the procurement of used equipment in Europe, because unfortunately it is many companies and power plants still unknown which small gold treasure is still in their used equipment. Company portrait Lohrmann Lohrmann International GmbH is a company in Germany, which specializes in trade with well-preserved used power plants and oil refineries. In addition to the distribution, Lohrmann International offers in addition by dismantling, marking all related services. Identification and packaging to transport, erection supervision and commissioning worldwide. LOHRMANN’s expertise ensures a range of systems tailored to the individual requirements of the customers. Constant contact with producers of globally established system secures access to important system-specific information, as well as on technical innovations and spare parts. LOHRMANN buys and sells equipment for its own account and acquired assets on behalf of customers as well as for inclusion in your own stock. A worldwide distribution network guarantees a lightning-fast communication and a powerful local -service. Lohrmann International GmbH Samuels road 16 65193 Wiesbaden phone: 888 fax: 895 email: this email address is being protected from spambots. You must enable JavScript so that you can see them.