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Where to start. In the morning, looking at the list, he no longer felt the enthusiasm of the former. Now I had not just write, and already doing business. Experiencing internal tremors, he decided to delay the moment of action. And once again went to work, trying to persuade myself that a working call cheaper. At work, he began to pay attention to employees. And once again postponed the calls in the afternoon.

In the meantime, decided to search the web More information about the business. Page flow from the monitor told him that you can do to make lots of money. But one of yesterday was enough to understand where to "plow" for pennies on the development of not their own, someone else business. In search of the internet and got to a site that he has read all of it. Simple in appearance, just made it credible. And most importantly there were stories of people who have created their own business.

Stories written concise and brief, it was felt that not written by journalists and by the authors of business. He'd even gone so far to the workshop. But the money was very tight. And he just wrote a letter with its still unclear to me. And he went home. Calls he postponed until tomorrow. Passing by the familiar cafes, ached stripped of skin wounds of the past. And again he looked at himself in the mirror cabinet. Miserable and wet, which could not even do such simple things as call phone with an offer to sell.