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Tatiana Lisovskaya

His work on a favorite hobby My name is Tatiana Lisovskaya. When I have a financial crisis began, I remembered that my friends and my friends always say I am preparing tasty. I love to cook, to invent a dish or change is already familiar. It gives me pleasure and not a compulsory duty, and perhaps even a hobby, passion for life. Then I thought, why do not I just use it as their earnings and make their job. I once traded on the market itself, like so many of our countrymen, regardless of qualifications, education, and I remembered what the problems experienced by people all day standing in the market and unable to move away from their workplace for obvious reasons.

The result exceeded my expectations. The amount that I made turned out to be too small. Demand is outstripping supply. We quickly sold out, I counted their profits and remains satisfied. Even with the cost of food, utensils, etc., my net profit was over 50%! And then, having bought disposable utensils, packing material, a small batch of products at the rate of cooking courses specifically for one day, made a test version. Ready meals folded in a basket, got in the car and went to the market.

My concoction liked it, rumors began to spread quickly, I began to take a phone number. So gradually, I had orders from the organization. Subsequently, I have completely switched to cooking meals for the offices of private firms and organizations.