To the marketing of the new lifestyle product Close2you the Flensburg erotic company ORION has made perfect contract Flensburg with Nadja Abd El Farrag, June 23, 2009 the marketing of the new lifestyle product Close2you the Flensburg erotic company has made perfect contract ORION on Friday, June 19, 2009, in the fjord city with Nadja Abd El Farrag. This Seymour travelled specially from their choice home city Salzburg in the northernmost city in Germany, including visit to the company. Whether as a longtime friend of Dieter Bohlen, Playboy model, peep presenter, noble DJ or last as a pop singer in the Dirndl – Seymour succeeds again and again to make headlines with their performances. Now it is advertising for the ORION label Close2you. Only from October 2009, the new series of lovemaking in the trade will be to have, but now includes such renowned names like Dolci promise a fascinating new experience for confident and open-minded women Ami, Rhapsody and Sinfonia. Nadja Abd El Farrag said in the interview, she was proud on her body and a very sensual and romantic man.

Now she was looking forward on this exciting task, which she sees as a new challenge in her career. Quite naturally and without star Laura presented itself in the ORION’s headquarters in Flensburg. There she wants to convince just in time for the delivery date of the Close2you products in September 2009 the quality of “their” new product series. Now ORION and b plan the advertising campaign and soon there will be a first photo shoot for Close2you in Austria. guganesan/showroom /… About ORION in brief: ORION is one of the largest erotic companies worldwide and is growing steadily.

Today, the company employs approximately 1,000 employees (300) of which at the headquarters in Flensburg, and operates with seven mail-order firms and more than 170 specialty stores in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Spain. The traditional shipping trade, the ORION specialty stores and the international ORION wholesale make up the three supporting Pillars of the erotic specialist. Over 60 percent of ORION’s clients are couples, men and women make up 20 per cent in each again. ORION stands especially for an erotic lasting value and partnership, underscoring also the company slogan of “More fun in twos”. This is ensured by a highly motivated team of ORION with a female share of over 75 percent. Caption: from left to right Sven Jacobsen, head of ORION wholesale, Nadja Abd El Farrag and Bjorn Radcke, ORION product expert of brand Close2you, look forward to the cooperation.